Remember that viral BBC interview? These 8 working from home video chat fails are even funnier.

The year was 2017. Yep, it was really that long ago.

Professor Robert Kelly of Pusan National University in South Korea was talking about very important, academic things in a live cross interview with the BBC from his home office. All was very serious. All was very BBC-like.

Then wandered in a rogue toddler and a baby-on-wheels, both of whom cried while being hastily whisked out of frame by their mum. The hilarious footage went viral immediately.

WATCH: You can relive the hilarious BBC interview fail in the video below. Post continues after video.

Video by BBC

It was an interview that perfectly exemplified the perils of working from home as a parent, but little did we know the 2017 clip would become even more relevant in 2020.

Why? Because right now, so many of us are having our own video call fails worthy of internet fame as we navigate the ins and outs of working from home.

From accidentally peeing in front of your classmates and flashing your coworkers to awkward chewing sounds and expletives in the background, here are eight funny AF working from home video call fails that’ll give you a chuckle. Or make you feel better about your Zoom fails.

1. The one where a man forgot to wear pants to an office video meeting.

2. The one where a poor woman accidentally peed in front of her whole uni class.


3. The one where a woman’s boss turned herself into a potato on a video call and had to leave it that way for the whole meeting.

4. The one where a woman’s partner walked into her video call frame wearing really tight undies.

5. The one where the British PM tweeted the Zoom ID code to a cabinet meeting.


6. The one where someone attended a video meeting naked and didn’t realise their camera was on.

7. The one where a student accidentally forgot his camera was on while smoking ~something~ during a lecture.


8. The one where someone forgot to mute their microphone while bitching about other people on the call.

While we’re at it, here are some other hilarious accounts of just how wrong video calls from home are going right now.




Stay safe, folks. Zoom is a dangerous place.

Feature image: Twitter/@PettyClegg.

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