'He walked past my video call naked.' 19 working from home fails that will give you a much-needed laugh.

While it’s undeniably a privilege to be able to be work from home right now, it does come with its challenges.

Or should we say, it makes you a lot more susceptible to challenges that would otherwise be mitigated by having an office space. Things like small children, needy pets, partners or housemates with conflicting work schedules that sometimes stumble into a video call in their underwear.

Team Mamamia confess… what we do when we’re home alone. Post continues below.

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But some working from home fails have been worse than others – take the case of Calum, for example.

A viral screenshot of a company email shows the worker in question was called out for watching porn via a shared ‘remote access’ function.

Even worse, it was during business hours.

working from home fail
Oh Calum. Image: Reddit - Cheesywheelchair.

A fail indeed.

Others were undone by video conferences which featured inappropriate wall art, or technological problems.

There was even a woman who forgot to turn off her camera during a video conference call and broadcasted herself going to the bathroom.

And look, while we're all just trying to get through this stressful and uncertain time in the best way we can, some of these mistakes could have been avoided with a bit of foresight.

At least they gave us a much-needed laugh.




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What's the worst working from home fail you've had or heard about? Tell us in a comment below.

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