Zoe Foster Blake and husband Hamish just won Halloween with their family costume.

Well, we gave it a red hot go.

But we should have known no one was going to top Zoe Foster Blake and Hamish Blake when they decided to create a coordinated family Halloween costume.

The pair got their two kids – Sonny, four, and one-year-old Rudy – involved to dress as the characters from ’90s sitcom Seinfeld. And they nailed it.


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The fancy dress shop had COMPLETELY run out of Incredibles costumes. It was a Sein.

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We mean, look at Rudy as a tiny little George!

And did Zoe steal that dress straight from the show’s archived set and wardrobe department?

Sonny’s face says he perhaps wasn’t as thrilled with the group costume as the rest of the family, but that somehow makes the photo even better.

Obviously, the gong for best Halloween costume went to the Foster-Blake family. But in Australia at least, they didn’t have much competition, with many Aussie celebrities snubbing the American holiday.


The gang were just as well dressed last Halloween too, with Hamish as Catwoman, Sonny as Batman and Rudy as Robin. We presume Zoe sat this one out.


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Do NOT mess with these guys. Don’t even get slightly untidy with them. ????

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Did you get dressed up or in any way celebrate Halloween this year? Is the holiday growing on you?