The very troubling Seinfeld plot-lines that never made it to air.

There are few shows whose random plots and iconic characterisations captured a generation like Seinfeld.

Seinfeld gave audiences nine seasons and 180 episodes where main character, Jerry Seinfeld, (played by actor Jerry Seinfeld), navigated every day life as a comedian in New York.

The series delighted in the pettiness of its characters, drew light on every day frustrations and offered an almost endless supply of memorable quotes and situations.

Seinfeld was a ratings hit. Original viewership in the United States went well into the millions with each passing season.

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It is therefore understandable that fans were sent into overdrive last week when two former Seinfeld writers told Entertainment Weekly of a few plot lines that never made it past the writers room.

The Soup Nazi and his iconic phrase: "No soup for you!" (Source: NBC.)

David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer told the publication the now iconic character of the 'Soup Nazi', (Episode Six, Season Seven), was nearly portrayed as being an actual Nazi.

The 'soup nazi' was a character who Jerry and the gang referred to as a 'Nazi' for the rigid rules he set within his soup store.

Mandel told Entertainment Weekly they had joked about a potential end scene that would reveal his character as having genuine connections to the fascist group.


“We joked a whole bunch about an end scene that would take place in the jungles of Brazil, à la The Boys From Brazil, where the Soup Nazi [Larry Thomas] would return to the other Nazis — the actual former Nazi war criminals — with his soup recipes,” he said.

“It was sort of half-serious, half ‘Should we do this?,’ half ‘We’re never going to do it.’ But it was much discussed."

Frank was father to iconic character, George Costanza, played by Jason Alexander. (Source: NBC.)

Mandel also revealed how the character of Frank Costanza, was nearly given the story line of taking up medical marijuana.

“We went very far down the road with an idea that Frank was going to need medical marijuana for his cataracts,” he said.

“We thought the idea of Jerry Stiller on pot just seemed like comedy gold. We heard that Cybill writers had a similar story in the works, and it was enough to make us put the idea aside."

Episodes were largely self-contained narratives that touched on ideas, people and problems rarely seen again.

These bubble-like plot-lines allowed for viewers to start a season mid-way and not be disturbed by missing knowledge; however, this purposeful lack of continuity also saw the series described as the 'show about nothing'.


Jerry dumping a woman he was dating for an unusual trait she held was a story line frequently used by the series.


It was an ongoing joke that he would end a relationship for perceived faults such as having "man hands", eating peas one at a time, speaking too quietly, laughing badly, not thinking he was funny and even for liking a commercial he disliked.

Former writer Schaffer told Entertainment Weekly of another disastrous date whose story line never made it to air. She was referred to as "the prompter" for how she'd prompt Jerry to ask questions about her stories.

“There was another comic, and she was a prompter. Jerry [Jerry Seinfeld] would be at lunch with her, and she would say, ‘You know, I only had one bit that really killed.’ Then she would wait, and he’d have to go, ‘Which one?’ ‘The bowling thing. It only died one time, but that’s because of who was there.’ ‘[Sigh] Who?’" He said.

"You’d wait her out and she’d wait you out. Everyone knows someone like that, who just makes you pull it out of them."

Kramer was known for his zany plots and mooching finesse. (Source: NBC.)

Other plots that were never created, included the character of Cosmo Kramer (Michael Anthony Richards) refurbishing morgue skeletons and an episode where the main cast were sent to Mexico.

The lost story lines may come across as teasing now but they do offer fans an insight into what could have been.

Which story line would you have wanted to have been created the most?

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