If you were born in the Year of the Ox, here are 3 things to be wary of.

Just a heads up, this is all a bit of a tongue in cheek. We're sure you'll have a fabulous year ahead even though Chinese astrologers say otherwise.

Tomorrow marks a very important date on the Chinese and south-east Asian calendar: Chinese New Year.

Tonight, families and friends will get together to celebrate Lunar New Year's Eve and say goodbye to the Year of the Rat. And tomorrow, celebrations will continue as the Year of the Ox begins.

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According to the Chinese Zodiac, each year corresponds with an animal – either a rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. There are 12 animals for a 12-year cycle.

When we complete a 12-year cycle and the animal that corresponds to the year we’re born in rolls around, you will apparently have bad luck. 

This means, if you were born on the Year of the Ox (in 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 or 2009), you're in for a... not so good year (sorry, we know 2020 was bad enough).

But you might be able to avoid that.

Here are three things to be wary of, if you were born on the Year of the Ox.


1. Relationships

Sadly, you need to be wary of relationships in 2021, because apparently nothing good will come of them.

According to Your Chinese Astrology, "love will turn sour in 2021, and you will find it difficult to further improve the relationship with your lover". Great.

Plus, if you're introverted, relationships are a big no-go zone as it will lead to a "terrible and even depressed year".


2. Getting sick

We feel like this one's a given considering the whole global pandemic thing going on, but for those born on the Year of the Ox, you need to be extra wary of getting sick.

"Health is undoubtedly the worst aspect of the horoscope in 2021," Your Chinese Astrology writes.

Ahhhh sh*t. 

"Therefore, you need to tone up with more exercise and stay away from unexpected disasters as much as possible, or your life in this year and even in the future can be affected a lot," they said.

*writes a reminder to reinstate gym membership*

3. Working too hard

Lastly, something you very, definitely need to be wary of is working too hard.

As Your Chinese Astrology explains, in 2021, it will be difficult to break through in your career. 

"Even if you are a level-headed, honest, hardworking and steadfast worker making more efforts in work than others, you may still find it hard to get better results in the animal year," they write.

So we suggest you download TikTok stat (if you haven't already). There is no way you'll work hard with that app on your phone.

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