This is the skirt we're all going to be wearing this summer.

New year, not so new trend, because micro hemlines are a style that will never die out. 

I'm talking about the type of skirt that I think is going to dominate in 2024: The mini. 

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More specifically, the mini wrap skirt.

While the mini skirt never really went anywhere, more recently it's been dominated by longer styles such as the midi and the maxi

But this year, that's all about to change, because with high fashion designers such as Miu Miu and Versace sending their models down the runway in different variations of the mini, it's a sign that we're about to see it on the streets soon.

The origins of the mini skirt are a little blurry, with a lot of back and forth about who came up with it. However, there is one thing everyone can agree on, and it’s that no matter what era you turn to, the mini has always been used to make a statement.

While the length and overall purpose of the skirt has largely remained the same, it has gone through an evolution since the ‘60s. What started as an A-line style, quickly became edgier and more fitted towards the ‘90s.


Then, by the mid-2000s, it was transformed into a bubble-like silhouette, cascading around the hips to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. 

Now, the wrap skirt is having its moment - and dare I say, it's the least intimidating style of mini skirt I've seen so far. What makes the style of skirt stand out is its ability to morph from casual to formal, proving its versatility each time you wear it.

So, if you're looking to add a wrap mini skirt to your wardrobe then keep reading, because we found the best ones to shop.

Bassike Cotton Twill Wrap Mini Skirt, $320.

Image: Bassike, The Iconic.


MISHA Alby Skirt, $149.

Image: MISHA.


Showpo Chevy Mini Skirt, $49.95.

Image: Showpo.

AERE Linen Wrap Mini Skirt, $80.

Image: AERE, The Iconic.


Mooloola Tahiti Skirt, $39.99.

Image: Mooloola, City Beach.


You + All Geo Print Mini Wrap Skirt Ruffle Hem, $45.99.

Image: You + All.


Boohoo Plus Premium Pinstripe Wrap Tailored Mini Skirt, $70.

Image: Boohoo.

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