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The viral photo that perfectly captures what it's like to be the youngest sibling.

Growing up, my little brother escaped the blame for absolutely everything. He could have been standing right over the shattered plate in the kitchen and somehow it would be my fault for… distracting him? Not stopping him from carrying such a delicate Ikea object? The properties of ceramic and gravity? Existing? Mum would find a reason.

I thought he had it so bloody good. But being the eldest, there are some things I only later realised about being the baby of the family that actually sucked a big one. Like having to constantly fight to be included. Or saying our names 10 times before we finally yelled, “WHAT?” so he could proceed to tell us what our dog just ate or to beg for his long-awaited turn on the Nintendo.

Now, a picture on Reddit has captured exactly what it’s like to be the youngest.

The photo was posted with the caption, “I never truly understood what it’s like to grow up with siblings until I found this gem of a photo in my wife’s family album…”

It’s a typical scene: two little kids fighting with what’s left of a couple of wrapping paper rolls and makeshift cardboard boxes helmets. (And of course, this game is best played pants-less.)

Within seven hours, the photo had attracted more than 800 comments. Only, many of them were aimed at the red-eyes peering over the edge of the photo in the bottom right corner, with a look that says, ‘Hey, look at me!’

“Right in the youngest sibling feels,” a commenter wrote.

“It truly does sum it up (what it’s like to have siblings). Including the much younger one pressuring everyone to let her have a turn,” one person wrote.

“Aww, those sad eyes, too. I didn’t even notice originally,” another replied before someone chimed in, “No one ever does…”


And then fellow youngest siblings began sharing the phrases they constantly found themselves uttering just to get a sliver of attention from their family. (God I feel guilty.)

“My childhood nickname was ‘And me’. I still catch myself saying it sometimes,” one said.

“My little brother’s was ‘Not a toy’.”

“Hi, I’m ‘Me Too’. Nice to meet you.”

“My ‘youngest brother’ catch phrase was ‘Hey guys… Guys…’.”

Other Reddit users described what undoubtedly would have happened next, because every older sibling knows the baby always ruined the best games…

“And then the mum gets mad and forces the oldest to give up their soda helmet and give to the young one. And at that exact second the game gets boring so you both walk away.”

Or in a more dramatic scenario: “Then they let the younger one have a turn only for them to get themselves hurt instantly, they cry, mum freaks out and no one is allowed to play that game anymore.”

Ah, the plight of the youngest sibling.

But as pesky as you are, we elder-borns still love you to bits. I’d go back in time and cop the blame for my brother’s broken Ikea crockery any day.

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