14 women on the one workout that made them actually *want* to exercise.

Finding the motivation to work out can sometimes (always) be a slog. But you know what really helps? If you actually love/have fun doing whatever kind of exercise you're doing.

Of course, it's different for everyone — there's not one specific workout, sport or activity that's going to suit everybody. Which means for most people, it can be mighty hard to pin down an exercise routine they actually enjoy. So, if you're on the hunt to try something new, we're here to help.

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We asked 14 women to tell us the one workout they actually love and recommend. Here's what they said.


"I like an app/workout with specific-timed exercises. I need to be told what to do, I can’t just randomly go and exercise for half an hour. But I’ll do a half an hour specific workout. Strength only, hate cardio!"


Big fan of lifting weights (and boxing!). Image: Supplied.


"Boxing is my favourite workout for sure. I need only the slightest encouragement to absolutely go to town on a boxing bag. And weight! I love lifting heavy weights."


"I love exercise that doesn't feel like exercise — so any type of dance class where I can feel like I'm in the cluuuuub (god I hate myself)."


"A lower body pilates class with no lunges is ALWAYS my preference. I hate lunges."


"Pilates reformer, specifically at Vive Active! Love the dark room and fun colours and really fun pump-up girls playlist, feels like I'm at a club. Even more fun with friends."


"Strength session that only involves low reps and heavy weights."


Loves a weight sesh and a mirror selfie. Image: Supplied.


"I'm currently obsessed with Rumble Boxing classes! The pumping music teamed with the lights and yell-y instructor always has me giving it my all and leaving feeling really good about myself. Other than this, working out in my at-home garage. I always look forward to chucking in my headphones, listening to a podcast and lifting some weights."


"Whenever I'm working on a cool arm balance or some tricky movement in yoga, I'm motivated to do more classes and get even better."


"Swimming or reformer pilates are my go-tos!"


"Netball! I’m never not keen for a game. It never feels like exercising because I enjoy it so much."


Punching things = 11/10. Image: Supplied.


"I love to do boxing! It is very therapeutic getting to hit things and is actually enjoyable."


"Definitely swimming but also the Nintendo ring fit, it's like gaming but exercise." 


"An unpopular opinion but I love exercises like HIIT or running — something that makes me feel like I might die."


"For me, it's cycling!"

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