Woolies has a new Disney collectable range coming out, and this one's a little different.


Woolworths supermarkets are this week releasing a Disney collectable range, which can only mean one thing: parents, get ready to bring your collecting A-game when you shop.

The promotion is called ‘Disney Words by Woolworths’, and will be available in store from Wednesday, February 27 – but this campaign is a little different.

Each collectable item is one of 36 tiles, which feature characters from Disney films such as CinderellaAladdin, Frozen, Toy Story and Moana on one side, and a letter or symbol on the other.

The tiles are designed to be used in word play games, meaning there’s an educational focus on this promotion.

Woolworths Supermarkets Managing Director, Claire Peters said, “We set out to create a program with a difference, that will not only capture the imagination of kids and families, but can also make learning and literacy fun.

“Whether you’ve grown up with Disney, or your kids are enchanted by it, we know that Australian families both young and old will be able to enjoy this program.”


Children playing with the Disney-themed tiles. Source: Woolworths

Shoppers can collect a tile for every $30 they spend online or in store. Customers can also purchase a collector’s album for the tiles for $4, a carry bag to hold the loose tiles for $3, and a magnetic board for $4. Bonus tiles will also be available in store or online.

Woolies customers will also go into a draw to instantly win one of 10 VIP trips for four people to Disneyland Resort, California – if they find the exclusive ‘Disneyland’ castle tile inside their pack.

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In another element that should be appealing to parents concerned about the environmental impact of these collectables, each tile is mostly made out of tin-plated steel, and the paper wrapper it comes in is recyclable, according to Woolies.

Last week, mysterious cardboard cut-outs introducing the Woolies campaign were spotted in stores around the Australia, building up the hype for the launch of the new collection.

Promotional campaigns of collectable items, designed to ‘reward’ shoppers for their spending, have become popular for the major supermarket chains.

Coles’ previous Little Shop and current Stikeez promotions have seen huge success, while Woolies continues on from the momentum of its Christmas Pop-Outs cardboard cut-out collectables from late 2018.

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