Allow us to simplify your work wardrobe with this $30 blazer (and 4 other staples.)

The 2021 work year is underway, and we don't know about you, but we're feeling a wardrobe refresh.

Now - we're not suggesting you need to rush out to the shops and purchase an array of new clothes to wear to work. Heavens no.

On the back of 2020, thanks to increased time spent working from home, this year is all about the relaxed-but-pulled-together work outfit. It's a little more dressy than trackies and slippers, but still chill. And it comes down to a few key staples.

By getting these pieces in your arsenal, you can mix and match them throughout the year and appear like you have many new, chic outfits, when in fact you're just rotating. 

Here's what not to wear to work: Festival chaps. Post continues after video.

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(We know not all workplaces have a relaxed dress-code. This article is for those that do. If yours is more corporate, you can take inspiration from this edit and polish it up to suit your needs.)

Here are five key staples, including a serious snag, to rotate year-round.

1. The relaxed blazer.

Blazers have been in, well, forever. But while they used to be worn to dress up an outfit, the new blazer actually dresses it down. A relaxed blazer is loose fitting and often oversized.


When it comes to a wardrobe that you can rotate time and time again, we suggest sticking to neutrals and blacks. Here are some relaxed blazers we love that'll do the job.

Kmart Relaxed Blazer, $30. (Also comes in steel blue)

Image: Kmart.

Cotton On Ultimate Casual Blazer, $59.99.

Image: Cotton On.


Zara Loose-Fitting Blazer, $169.

Image: Zara.

2. The high-neck tank top.

Not to play favourites, but this is hands down the one piece we hope stays in fashion. Why? Let us give you multiple reasons.

Firstly, the high-neck tank top is flattering on every body shape. It's also comfortable, cool enough to wear to coffee, work and the gym, it doesn't need ironing (BIG win) and it's usually very affordable.


Here are some of our favourite options that won't break the bank.

Cotton On The Turn Back Tank, $14.99. 

(Read our full review on this top here.)

Image: Cotton On.


Dissh Iconic Copper Knit Top, $29.99.

Image: Dissh.

Kookai Harlow Racer Tank, $50.

Image: Kookai.


3. Tapered jeans.

You can't go past a great pair of jeans - fact. Yes, they can be on the expensive side, but think of them as an investment that will last you 10 years if you take care of them correctly.

That said, there are also some great affordable finds that really do compare to the exy options. 

This year will be all about tapered jeans. They're classic - not too skinny, not too "mum" - and you can wear them for plenty of occasions, including to a casual workplace.

Here are our favourite finds.

Kmart Super High Rise Straight Jeans, $20. 

(Read our full review on these jeans here.)

Image: Kmart.


City Chic Harley Most Wanted Jean, $99.95.

Image: City Chic.

Assembly Label High Waist Rigid Jeans, $100.

Image: The Iconic.


4. Classic white sneakers.

For casual offices, white sneakers are the most versatile pair of shoes you'll buy.

They pair perfectly with almost everything - from dresses to pants and shorts - and they're guaranteed not to go out of style. Again, we suggest you find a pair you love because if you take care of them well, they can last a really long time.

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Shoe, $89.95. 

Image: Superga.


Adidas Women's Sleek, $150.

Image: Platypus.

Veja V-10, $200.

Image: The Iconic.


5. Jewellery!

Since these outfits are quite simple, it's important to accessorise.

We're currently obsessed with gold jewellery (like everyone else). Here are our favourite dainty options for every outfit you create with these pieces.

Luv Aj The Leon Hoops, $65.

Image: The Iconic.

Brie Leon Mini Novia Anklet, $79.

Image: The Iconic.


Reliquia Jewellery Sherry Necklace, $149.

Image: Reliquia.

What's your favourite piece? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature image: Mamamia and Instagram/@andicsinger and @emmahill