This woman's tactic for getting rid of men who hit on her at the gym is genius.

The gym is a place for sweating, squatting and working your butt off. For most women, it’s also the last place they want to be hit on by a total stranger.

And yet there’s a proportion of the gym-going male population who don’t seem to understand this and will attempt to start a flirtation with a woman anyway.

Thankfully, we now know a simple, foolproof tactic for sending that man running away before he even says ‘hi’, courtesy of a very clever young US woman overheard at a gym.

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It does require a bit of gusto and isn’t for those easily embarrassed, but we happen to think it’s genius.

You ready?

You pretend you’ve just farted.

Twitter user Olivia Cole from Kentucky shared the interaction she overheard at her gym, and the tweet has been liked by more than 130,000 people.

As you can see, it’s effective and, with no fart noise making required (a potential hurdle), it requires practically no effort. And why stop at the gym? Instead, utilise this line anywhere you don’t want to be disturbed.

We have a feeling women everywhere are about to get a whole lot more flatulent.