Hours before the wedding, a bride made a discovery that ended her relationship.

A bride-to-be has dumped her fiancé on the day of their wedding after he failed to pay his bill for the wedding venue.

In an interview with Mail on Sunday, Harriet Butler from the United Kingdom told the paper she cancelled her wedding on the morning of the ceremony after learning he lied about the unpaid bill.

Regardless, the 32-year-old woman threw her guests a party anyway in a nearby house where the couple had planned to spend their honeymoon.

“Because everyone was here I just thought we should make a day of it,” she told the Mail on Sunday.

Image: Facebook.

“I wasn’t going to let this be a horrible day so I put on my wedding dress, the bridesmaids put on their outfits, everyone else dressed up and the photographer came round too,” she said.

Ms Butler told the news outlet when she was told the first few payments on the wedding had been missed, her ex-fiancé had promised her it was a misunderstanding.

However, she said it was just hours before her ceremony when she discovered the bill had not been paid.

"It's not just about the money," she said, adding it was a "kick in the face" because he "didn't talk to [her] about it".

The couple first met and began dating in 2015 and have a two-year-old daughter together.

When contacted by The Mail on Sunday, Ms Butler's ex-fiance said he did not want to worry her about his money woes in the lead up to the wedding and said he was "heartbroken".