Oh thank God, someone finally invented wine for cats.

Our feline friends have been leading sad, sober lives – until now, that is.

Is there nothing more cruel than sipping on a glass of pinot noir, alone, on a Friday night, while your 17 cats go thirsty?

No. No, there isn’t. Which is why this day is momentous for our feline friends: cat wine has now been invented!

And it means you’ll never need to drink alone again.

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Japanese company B&T Lifes created “Nyan Nyan Nouveau” (“Nyan Nyan” translates to “Meow Meow”, obviously) which will set you back around $5 for a 180ml bottle.

Now you never have to drink alone again.

And it’s a palate-pleasing blend of cabernet grapes, vitamin C, and, erm, catnip.

Disappointingly, the beverage isn’t actually alcoholic. But we’re sure if you tell your cat it is, it will act like a teenager who’s given red cordial in a Bicardi Breezer bottle. #Tipsy.

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While we’re not sure your cat is going like it (it might be more of a G&T fan), B&T Lifes isn’t too concerned and is only producing 1000 bottles.

It’s been on the market for a while, so you’d want to order in bulk ASAP. Because no cat should have to go thirsty.

Would you buy this “cat wine” for your feline friend?