Troy's real reason for dumping 'wife' Ashley on MAFS is actually kind of disturbing.

Last night, Troy finally, FINALLY realised his fake wife Ashley probably hated him just a lil’ bit.

It took eight weeks of yelling. Eight weeks of Ashley rejecting every single one of Troy’s advances. Eight weeks of incredibly awkward footage of the 34-year-old IT Accounts Manager brushing his teeth and flirting with his spouse’s mother.

But last night, when it came time for the couples to decide whether they would stay together outside of the show, Troy decided he’d had enough.

“Ashley I said ‘I love you’ on several occasions, because I thought I did,” he said.

Watch: Troy breaks up with Ashley on last night’s episode of Married At First Sight:

Video via Channel 9

“But now I realise it was me wanting to believe we had something more than we did. I truly wanted us to work, I gave this relationship absolutely everything I had… but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to win your heart over.

“You are not the woman I’ve been searching for.”

Troy dumps Ashley MAFS
Troy decided to end his relationship with Ashley on last night's episode. Image via Channel 9.

Now, in an interview with The Fix, Troy has shared that he grew to see Ashley as "more of a sister" than a wife during the time they spent together, sharing he knew things were over after their final date.

The Twins debrief on the VERY harsh realisation Troy came to on the latest episode of Married At First Sight. Post continues after audio.

"I thought the final date may have been just what was needed. It went incredibly well, and at the end of the day I was very hopeful," he told The Fix.

"But quite quickly the enjoyment of the day faded for Ash, and I realised this probably wouldn't ever work.

"The question box then reinforced my concerns, and I saw Ash as more of a sister that I cared for."

Curiously, just last week, Ashley described her final date with Troy as "perfect".


"It was the closest I have ever felt with Troy and it couldn't have come at a better time," she said.

Troy Ashley kiss MAFS
Things seemed to be going well after the pair's final date last week. Image via Channel 9.

Despite her comments, Ashley also chose to leave the relationship, a decision Troy said brought him great relief.

"I was very relieved that she said leave too, because I never wanted to hurt her, and we could leave on an amicable note," Troy said.

That being said, a teaser for the show's final dinner party appears to show Ashley and Troy butting heads, particularly after the teaser also offered a glimpse of Troy in bed with another Married At First Sight contestant.


Specifically, Carly, the woman he was spotted romping around a Melbourne park with in February.

Troy Carly in bed MAFS
WE SEE YOU, CARLY AND TROY. Image via Channel 9.

Fans were understandably in a tizzy after the teaser for tonight's episode was aired:


The teaser clip also shows Ashley getting pretty darn mad at a fellow contestant. Guess we'll just have to wait until tonight to see how it all goes down.

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