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When did sending a dick-pic become courtship?

Jacqui and her iPhone, re-enacting the moment she was sent the Penis Photo.






When did I become the girl that men thought it was okay to send photos of their penis to?

Has classic courtship and wooing of a woman really fallen that far by the wayside? I mean, I realise that times have changed and sex is really just not a big deal but when did it become the accepted practice to send a girl a picture of your appendage instead of a bunch of flowers?

I was recently dating somebody that was an avid penis-photo-sender.  And there were a few times were I casually mentioned that these particular images weren’t really a turn on for me (I mean really what girl has ever said “Now that’s a handsome penis photo!”)

Over one particular weekend we thought we would grab dinner and a movie. As things had been going so well, I was pretty certain what would be happening after dinner and the movie, so like any good girl scout I indulged in some pre-sex grooming and purchased some sexy lingerie.

Around midday I received a text message from my date spelling out what his intentions were for the evening (subtle = not!) accompanied by a photograph of his, ahem, package. Instant turn-off.


I made up an excuse and cancelled. It was honestly the biggest mood-killer I could have encountered. What happened to spontaneity? What happened to flirting? And the biggest worry for me was – why did he think it was okay to send me this? What did that say about me or his opinion of me?

I have been sent photos like this by three separate men. Is it me or is it just part of dating these days?

It’s not as if we are involved in a long distance relationship and we have to utilise other methods to keep the spark alive (Skype-sex anyone?). He lives 15 minutes away. Stop taking photos with your phone, take a girl out for a nice meal and you may find you won’t have a need for these types of photos again! I was planning on sleeping with you stupid. Dump a bucket of cold water on my head why don’t you!

I haven’t written this guy off completely but he’s going to need some training when it comes to how I like to be wooed. Wooing does not include photographs of his anatomy. It does include thoughtful messages, asking how my day was, a nice dinner and pleasant conversation. Perhaps then it will be worth the effort to shave my legs and wear sexy knickers.

Jacqui is mother to a gorgeous seven year old boy, a dater, wannabe world – traveller, blogger (and full time worker). You can follow her blog here and her Twitter here.

Have you ever been sent a penis photo, or any other ‘sexy’ photo? What exactly is the correct response to a dick-pic?