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Here's what Channel 10 officially had to say about the Alex and Richie conversation.


When Richie Strahan and Alex Nation walked away hand in hand from The Bachelor finale in 2016, it seemed like they were going to get their reality TV happily ever after.

But within months, their relationship was over and Alex had moved on with her AFL team mate, Maegan Luxa.

Neither Richie or Alex spoke publicly about their breakup, and the world was kept in the dark about what really happened between the pair.

Until now.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Alex and Richie sat down and had a long overdue conversation.

Watch: Richie and Alex confront each other on Bachelor in Paradise. Post continues after.

“I’m a little bit surprised to see you,” Alex began.

They discussed the fact that they hadn’t spoken for a long time, before launching into a conversation about how their long distance romance had affected them both.

“I barely saw you. I needed to see you more,” Alex said throughout the conversation, to which Richie argued that she had continued to “move the goalposts” and had barely visited him in Perth.

“[You weren’t there] when I needed you most – when I needed you – and you know what I’m talking about,” Alex said.

Richie responded: “I know exactly what you’re talking about, and what you’re trying to say… [It was] completely out of my control.”

“How is it out of your control to get on a plane and come and see me during a really personal time that involved both of us?” Alex questioned Richie.

When Richie brought up how he had been dumped by text, Alex responded:

“Do you actually want to go there, Rich? Because I feel like a lot of people would have an opinion of a woman being left alone to do something that involved both of us.”

“Don’t beat around the bush Alex… Just say it, because you’re not going to like what I have to say,” Richie replied. “What you said to me blew my mind, again, I’ve had to come to peace with this.”

Alex responded: “You knew you couldn’t salvage it, because you knew that after what happened, when I was left alone that was something massive that no woman should have to go through.”

“You wanted to do it… You wanted to go down that path because you told me you wanted to focus on your AFL career. That was part of it,” continued Richie, which Alex denied.

“I don’t have an AFL career to focus on, I don’t even know what you’re talking about AFL career… You’re going to sit there and honestly say to me that all of that was my decision?” she said.

“Yeah we talked about it because you know Alex you’re a mother… I know that, clearly. I spoke to you at length about that because you’ve gone down that path where you know what is involved with that. I supported you and your decisions,” Richie said.

“But where were you?” questioned Alex.

“What am I supposed to do click my fingers and just appear for you? You changed the ‘goalposts’ so many times,” Richie fired back.

“If you’re a man and you’re in that situation you move mountains to be there,” said Alex.

Although neither Alex nor Richie directly said so, most viewers came to the conclusion that the discussion was about an abortion.



Host Osher Gunsberg tweeted throughout the scene, explaining that “out of respect to the audience, and out of respect to Rich and Alex”, they had decided to air the entire conversation unedited.





Mamamia reached out to Channel Ten today for comment. Alex Nation was not available for comment, but the network sent through the following statement:

“Alex and Richie’s reunion conversation was an organic moment that was not prompted by show producers. To be faithful to this moment, 10 made the decision to show the conversation unedited and in full, with the aim of delivering an impartial retelling,” the statement began.

“It is a common grievance of reality television stars that footage is heavily edited, contrived or manipulated. Given that this was the first time Alex and Richie had seen each other since their break-up, producers felt it was essential to film and broadcast their reunion in its entirety. Both Alex and Richie were comfortable with this. It aired unedited, uncensored and as a split screen enabling viewers to get a feel first hand for what they had both been through and what they had to say. By the end of the conversation, they both felt relieved and happy.

“As part of the show’s duty of care, all Bachelor In Paradise cast have full access to mental health professionals as well as support from the Warner Bros. Australia and Network 10 teams.”

You can catch up on last night’s episode on TenPlay.