Richie Strahan just hinted he found out Alex Nation broke up with him through news reports.


When Richie Strahan chose Alex Nation in The Bachelor finale, it seemed like they were going get their reality TV happily ever after.

But within months their relationship was over and Alex had moved on with her AFL team mate, Maegan Luxa.

Neither Richie or Alex spoke publicly about their breakup and we had limited knowledge about what really happened between the pair.

Until now. 

Both Richie and Alex have joined the cast of Bachelor in Paradise and sh*t’s about to get real.

Things are heating up in paradise. Post continues after video…

Video by Channel Ten

When Richie entered paradise on Tuesday night’s episode,  he hinted to Osher that he found out Alex had broken up with him publicly.

“After The Bachelor I was obviously in a relationship with Alex. I thought we had a huge connection but obviously I was wrong,” he says.

“Our relationship was fire from the moment we met. The fireworks were there, what I was looking for in a partner was right in front of me.”

But then things changed.


“The circumstances around our relationship and how it all came to an end – it’s pretty grubby,” Richie told Osher. “It did a lot of damage, I don’t know if Australia’s ready for all the grubby details surrounding it.”

Osher then asked Richie how he felt about Alex moving on with Maegan so quickly.

“It would have been nice to have that communicated a lot earlier or have it communicated at all would have been handy,” he replied.

“Did you find out publicly?” Osher asked.

“Yeah, it was quite a large shock, Osher, to wake up in the morning and see your relationship ending.”

Promos for upcoming episodes show Richie and Alex locked in an intense confrontation about their breakup.

On Tuesday, Alex told the Kyle and Jackie O show she actually broke up with Richie over a text message.

“I dumped him over text message,” she told the radio duo.

“It was the nature of the situation and I kind of just shut down and that’s how I dealt with it.”

Later, Alex told Fitzy & Wippa she fell in love with “Bachelor Richie”.

“I fell in love with ‘Bachelor Richie’ and then coming into ‘Richie reality’, I felt like it was a little bit different,” she explained.

“Almost our entire relationship was long distance and I just never bloody saw him.”

You can catch up on the first episode of Bachelor in Paradise on TenPlay now.