Two important Dawson's Creek stars were left out of the reunion. They're not happy about it.

It’s been 20 years since Joey first sailed down the creek and climbed through Dawson’s bedroom window.

To celebrate this 90s-goodness milestone, Entertainment Weekly got the cast together for a reunion photoshoot.

Dawson (James Van Der Beek), Joey (Katie Holmes), Pacey (Joshua Jackson) and Jen (Michelle Williams) were all there.

Audrey (Busy Phillipps), Jack (Kerr Smith), and Andie (Meredith Monroe) also graced the cover of EW.

Even Jen’s Grams (Mary Beth Peil) made an appearance.

But there were two central cast members who were left out of the photoshoot… Dawson’s parents.

Mary-Margaret Humes and John Wesley Shipp, who played Gail and Mitch, were only asked to contribute to the interview and not the photoshoot.

The Binge discusses the real people (and yes, the real creek!) behind our favourite 90s teen drama. Post continues. 

Humes told her fans on Instagram she was “hurt” by the decision not to include her and Shipp.

The 63-year-old thanked her 16,000 plus followers for all the messages of support she had received after being “left out” of the reunion.

“This was their choice… not ours… it was done behind our backs and we both were literally blindsided by it when we woke up yesterday in NYC and LA… we both did a short telephone interview after the fact but were never told about the reunion,” she explained.


“For months I have been posting #behindthescenes photos to share my experiences of six years on this show… we were a #family & I know how much the photos mean to you from all the love you send me in comments… Yes, I do read them.

“Having said that… I will continue to post because yes, I have so much more to share. For the portion of our family that did appear in these photos… congratulations… you look great and I love you… I only wish I had been given the opportunity to have said it to your faces. Such a shame.”

Shipp later posted a photoshopped version of the cover that included the two actors, which was sent to him by a fan.


Katie Holmes, who spent years climbing in their fictional son’s bedroom window, then posted a tribute to Humes and Shipp on Instagram.

“Mary Margaret and John were such a huge and important part of Dawson’s Creek, I am so grateful to have worked with them and experience their kindness,” she wrote.

“Thank you for taking such good care of us. I love you both.”