The Dawson's Creek cast have reunited for an epic photo-shoot and we can't stop staring at Jack.

It’s been 20 years since Joey first sailed down the creek and climbed through Dawson’s bedroom window.

What followed was six seasons of incredibly witty, and at some points absolutely tear-jerking, teen drama.

Dawson’s Creek gave us student-teacher affairs, parental deaths and groundbreaking LGBTI storylines, all wrapped up with millions of Steven Spielberg references and a vocabulary we didn’t entirely understand.

It was a TV show that redefined the teen drama genre and won the hearts of pretty much every teenager (and adult) who watched it.

And then it was over.

Now the cast has reunited for an Entertainment Weekly photo shoot and holy heck, we’re not in the creek anymore.

Stop everything. Did you know that Dawson’s Creek is a true story? The Binge host Laura Brodnik explains the story of the real Dawson Leery. 

While the grown up versions of some of the cast members will look very familiar, there were a few who looked a lil’ bit different from when we last saw them.

Kerr Smith, who played Jack McPhee in the teen drama, is a bit of a silver fox these days.

And even Jen’s Grams (Mary Beth Peil) made an appearance.

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While Dawson’s Creek launched the careers of some of the most talented actors in Hollywood, it also created some lifelong friendships among the cast.

Like the glorious friendship between Busy Phillipps and Michelle Williams.

“I know Dawson’s Creek means so much to so many people but to me it means the most because it’s where I met my best friend,” Phillipps posted on Instagram, alongside a photo of the besties.



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If you’d like to relive all the angst-y 90s teen drama goodness that is Dawson’s Creek, you can watch the entire six seasons on Stan now.