“I feel ripped off.” The Bachelor’s Shannon Baff just unleashed on the show.

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Watching an actual, real-life human sobbing on national television is never exactly what you’d call entertaining. Especially when that person has just been told by the semi-famous bloke they have a crush on that he’d rather date their roommates. All of them. At once.

But alas, that’s what The Bachelor viewers were confronted with last night as Shannon was bundled into a limo by Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins and shafted from the show.

Shannon’s exit shocked fans and fellow, erm, contestants (?); even Dasha from Russia, who just scraped through the rose ceremony, was left in a crumpled, blubbering heap. And Osher. Just. Couldn’t. Deal.


The decision clearly shocked Shannon, too.

As she farewelled the former Wallaby, the 25-year-old Car Care Consultant – who had the first single date of the season but no more since – made several excellent points:

  1. “You haven’t got to know me.”
  2. “You should have given it another day.”
  3. “We would have made a great couple.”
  4. “You should have just kissed me.”

The Badgelor only managed a response to point number four: “The first date; I didn’t know where I was.”

(You were on The Bachelor, Nick. You know, the show in which you’re meant to take multiple women (that aren’t always Brooke) on dates, get to know them, etc.)


Unsurprisingly, even in the several weeks that have passed since filming wrapped, Shannon still isn’t super chuffed with her exit. In fact, she’s still feeling pretty bloody swindled.

"I was very overwhelmed and it was pretty intense, and I think I just feel a bit ripped off to be honest," she told TV Week.

"I stuck around, I did the hard yards. It's not easy being there and I wasn't given the opportunity to show Nick who I was.

"Emotionally I was upset because it was like, 'Oh, what a waste of time, I've been here and I didn't really get my chance'. But at least I stayed true to myself."