UNPOPULAR OPINION: "I will scream if next years' 'Bachelor' is a 2017 leftover."

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I’m going to preface this by saying there’s not much The Bachelor franchise could do to make me tune out.

But this year, it came pretty bloody close.

Not because of the inherent double standards or the cheesy dates. Not even the tasks clearly designed to prove if a Bachelorette will make a good mother (because that’s what makes a good wife, right?).

The truth is, I’ve got Matty J fatigue. And I’m not the only one.

Often referred to as ‘the ick‘ in relationships, we’ve reached a point at which everything the marketing manager does is completely and irreversibly unbearable.

And as the gatekeeper of all things problematic, Jessie Stephens said, “Once you’ve caught ‘the ick’, there really is no way to recover from it”.

With the finale approaching, the Matty J shine has well and truly dulled, replaced by a stain no amount of soda water could budge.

Listen: The Binge hosts Clare Stephens and Laura Brodnik discuss why The Bachelor producers need to look for some new talent. 

While we were excited upon first hearing the man who physically doubled over in pain when dumped in Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette would be returning to find love in 2017, now he’s just… annoying.

But it’s not his fault. It’s the casting director’s.

It happened with Richie in 2016 too. Alongside Sam Frost, he was the lovable larrikin, and we were devastated when he and his chiselled physique missed out in the race for her heart.

But when it came to his chance at finding love as the star of the show, his once endearing ‘cool bananas’ became… revolting.

Matty, Richie? If you're reading this... it's not you, it's your casting director. (Image: Ten)

So please, Bachie Gods. Do us all - and yourselves - a favour and make the 2018 Bachelor and Bachelorette people we haven't met before.

Rather than selecting a fan-favourite leftover, go for a typical, down to earth singleton no one can accuse of going on the show for social media fame.

How about a plumber? Or a scientist? An accountant, or even a train driver? As long as I've never seen them before, we're sweet.

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