This fan theory will completely change the way you listen to Drake's 'In My Feelings'.


Pause pls.

A Twitter user has done a thing and that thing involves Kim Kardashian and Drake.

A fellow named Tyler Morrison (wizard of the internet, sorcerer of song lyrics), has blown the lid off a very tangible theory surrounding Kim K and Drake and the people are losing their minds.

He’s gone… deep, to say the least.

We don’t know how he found the time to be honest, but we think he deserves a prize. Or at least a nice long walk in the sun after what we imagine has been a very long time spent holed up in his room.

So, what is this theory, I hear you ask?

P.I. Morrison, as he shall be known from this day forward, made a sensational call over the weekend:

“Drake’s been telling us for months now he slept with Kim K, we just haven’t been listening.”


His original Twitter thread is… thorough, so let me break it down for you:

Drake referenced ‘Kiki’ in the song In My Feelings.

If you’ve ever watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you’ll know Kiki is Kim’s nickname.

Well, Drake references a ‘Kiki’ in the song In My Feelings from his latest album Scorpion, and according to Tyler, there are cryptic lyrical references to Kim and Kanye littered throughout the entire album.

In the chorus to In My Feelings, Tyler is convinced “Kiki do you love me? Are you riding? Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me” is a direct reference to Kim.

And in Survival, Drake appears to make reference to Kanye’s relationship with Kim, with the lyrics “Who do you really love? Well, that’s sure to be in question”, (we all know how much Kanye loves Kanye, right?).
Tyler also flagged the Survival lyric: “I stopped askin’ myself and I started feelin’ myself, Now I gotta deal with all this drama and deal with myself, I ain’t even have to cut the tie, it severed itself”.
What drama, Drake? WHAT DRAMA?

Drake claims he has “life-shattering” info on Kanye.

Kanye and Drake have always had a dicey relationship. They’ve had long-standing beef with each other over who really knows what, and it’s been expressed through diss tracks aimed at each other over the years.

But, after he released Scorpion, Drake revealed he’d written a Kanye diss track so revealing he decided to pull it from the album at the last minute. Drake has also hinted in several interviews that he has some very spicy info that would have a huge impact on Kanye.

Instagram tells us things.

Drake and Kim both posted Instagram pics with the same caption, just weeks apart.


“I’m shy,” read Drake’s.

I’m shy

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While Kim’s poolside post was captioned “I’m very shy”.

I’m really shy…

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We see you, Kim.

Drake’s close friendship with the Kardashians has also been documented on Instagram in the past (which seems weird if Kanye’s clearly not a fan of him, if you ask me).

Me, my mom, and a photobomb

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Drake and Kim are neighbours.

Our man P.I. Morrison even took the time to look up the distance on Google maps. (Seriously, is Tyler okay? We hope he hasn’t developed a Vitamin D deficiency).

You can check out the full thread here, if you’re having a particularly slow Tuesday, but these are the best Twitter reactions:





Okay, so aside from Twitter’s conspiracy theorists, Kim’s reaction to the situation is very interesting.

While Drake is yet to respond to the fiery claims, Kim has done her very best to stamp out the rumours and end speculation immediately, claiming it “never happened, end of story”.

She commented on an Instagram video post shared by The Shade Room which featured a discussion about the rumoured fling with Kim’s former flame Nick Cannon.

Nick added fuel to the rumour during the discussion, saying “That ain’t that far off of a concept”.

We know exes often like to stir up trouble, but would she be so quick to defend herself if the rumours weren’t true?