While Diddy was abusing Cassie, he hired a personal trainer. Cassie married him.

Cassandra Ventura was just 19 years old when she met Sean 'Diddy' Combs in 2005. The rapper was 37. 

The pair was romantically linked two years later and dated until 2018, when they called it quits amid rumours of cheating, after Combs was spotted with model Jocelyn Chew.

It wasn't until five years later, that we learned the horrifying true nature of their 11 year relationship. Ventura filed a lawsuit against Combs, alleging a pattern of control, abuse and sexual assault.

"After years in silence and darkness, I am finally ready to tell my story, and to speak up on behalf of myself and for the benefit of other women who face violence and abuse in their relationships," she said in a statement. 

Combs vehemently denied the claims, describing them as "offensive and outrageous" and accusing Ventura of seeking "a payday".

But this week harrowing video footage was released showing Combs attacking Ventura as she attempted to flee their shared hotel room.

Combs has since released a video to social media to apologise for the incident, but failed to mention Ventura by name.

Unwavering support.

Throughout her ordeal, Ventura has had the private and public support of her husband, personal trainer, Alex Fine.

Ironically, it was Combs who brought the pair together, hiring Fine as Ventura's personal trainer. Two months after Ventura and Combs separated, Ventura hard launched her relationship with Fine, posting an image of them kissing to her Instagram account.


It was a whirlwind romance. In June 2019, the couple announced they were expecting their first child together. 

"Can't wait to meet our baby girl Love You Always & Forever," Ventura shared on Instagram. 

In August 2019 Fine donned a cowboy hat before getting down on one knee to propose to Ventura. 

"When he got down on one knee, everything just stopped," Ventura told Vogue. "I felt like I lost my sense of hearing. I saw just his mouth moving and he said, 'I want to spend the rest of my life with you.' I will never forget how special Alex made me feel that night."

Just two months after the proposal, and one year after announcing their relationship, the pair tied the knot in a backyard ceremony in Malibu. 


"We wanted a simple venue with a beautiful view that felt warm and romantic," Ventura told Vogue. "We wanted the aesthetic to reflect how comfortable and content we feel with each other."


Image: Instagram/@alexfine44 

That same year, Fine ran 50 miles—from Compton to Malibu—in support of Haven Domestic Violence Shelter and Compton Cowboys Youth Program. 


As he crossed the finish line, he fell into Cassandra Ventura's arms. 

There was something about the intensity of their embrace that struck a chord with those around them. 

"Just the person I needed with me the whole time. Wow I am so lucky to be able to hug her after this. She makes me better in every way," Fine wrote on his Instagram page, with a video of the pair holding each other. 


We now understand the true significance of that moment.  

Image: Instagram/@alexfine44 

In December 2019, Ventura gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Frankie. "I can’t explain the amount of unconditional love and adoration that I have for my family," Ventura wrote via Instagram. 


"I wake up every day so thankful and happy to have my own. I will never take it for granted and will always feel honoured to be able to experience this kind of love. Slowing down and simply enjoying each other has been a motto for us. We don’t need a lot, everything we need is right here."

In December 2020, Ventura announced she was expecting her second baby via Instagram. 

"Coming soon …," she captioned a video of Frankie rubbing her bump. 

In March 2021, baby Sunny was born. "Welcome to the world baby girl! We love you so much Sunny Cinco Fine!" Ventura captioned a series of Instagram photos of her new baby. 

Image: Instagram/@alexfine44 


Following the release of the footage showing Combs' violent attack on Ventura, Fine took to Instagram to publicly support his wife.

"I want my kids and every kid to live in a world that’s safe for women and girls, protects them and treats them as equals," Fine wrote.

"To the women and children, you’re not alone, and you are heard. if you need help call the domestic violence hotline at (800) 799-7233.

"Men who hit women aren’t men. Men who enable it and protect these people aren’t men. As men, violence against women shouldn’t be inevitable, check your brothers, your friends and your family. Our daughters, sisters, mothers and wives should feel protected and loved. Hold the women in your life with the upmost regard. Men who hurt women hate women."

Feature image: Instagram/@alexfine44. 

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