Who is Adam Demos? Everything we know about the 'Falling Inn Love' Australian actor.


Falling Inn Love is Netflix’s new cheesy rom com that is packed with more cliches than a Hallmark Greeting Card. Which is exactly why we love it.

Just the name of this film tells you everything you need to know: A couple will fall hopelessly in love. In an Inn.

Creative, huh?

You know the films, filled with fluffy romance and completely foreseeable storylines. They’re so bad, they’re good.

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s new film ‘Falling Inn Love’, featuring Adam Demos. Post continues after video. 

Falling Inn Love follows city girl Gabriela (played by 90’s singer Christina Milian), who loses her job and boyfriend, before she moves to New Zealand and serendipitously meets Jake, who helps her fix her new home – an inn.

Australian actor Adam Demos, who just happens to be magnificently attractive, plays lead male character Jake Taylor, and has left us with just one question… Who is he?


Well, in case you would like to know (you are here), Demos, 33, is a construction-worker-turned-actor.

Growing up in Wollongong, New South Wales, he was 23-years-old before he enrolled in an acting class.

“People from any walk of life can do acting,” he told Illawarra Mercury last year. “I worked construction in the Gong and then I gave it a crack, and it all sort of worked out.”

“When I started construction, I used to dream about being an actor,” he also recently told Refinery 29. “Then all of a sudden all these years later I’m on set acting, pretending to do construction and I don’t actually have to do it.”

Before Falling Inn Love, Demos previously starred in season three and four of UnREAL, as Australian Bachelorette contestant August Walker, who fell in love with one of the producers, instead of the leading lady.

who is Adam Demos
Adam Demos, 33, stars in new Netflix film 'Falling Inn Love'. Image: Netflix.

The new Netflix film is his largest role to date, and also his first ever movie.

"I had just never been that high up on a call sheet and had that much to do in a job and so it felt like a really great responsibility," Demos told Daily Telegraph this month.

"I wanted to do it justice to repay the faith of these guys giving me the job."

From his Instagram, Demos appears to be the outdoorsy type who loves scenic hikes, sunrises and dogs. Literally, what more could you ask for from an Aussie heartthrob?


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Oh, and according to USA Today, he's single too.

Here's to seeing him in many more cliche and delightfully cheesy rom coms. We're only sorry we didn't discover him earlier.