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A very important investigation into which MAFS 2023 couples are still together.

We're two weeks into MAFS 2023, and we've already had a 'secret girlfriend', a cheating scandal, and at least one groom who is still in love with his ex. 

So do any of these crazy kids actually go the distance? 

Let us present all the evidence and our verdicts: 

Lyndall & Cameron 

Image: Channel Nine

Let's start with this beautiful, wholesome couple. Lyndall and Cameron have been a delight to watch since the second they stepped on our screens. 


But are they still together? 

Yahoo! News reported that Cameron has been seen multiple times back at work in Alice Springs, while Lyndall is still in Perth, making fans wonder whether they've gone the distance. 

However, there are a number of explanations for this including needing to wrap up their lives and keeping a low profile so they don't spoil the show. 

They pair still follow each other on Instagram and I'm choosing to believe they make it!

Bronte & Harrison 

Image: Channel Nine


The latest tea on Bronte and Harrison is that they don’t make it. 

Long story short, Harrison went back to his ‘secret girlfriend’ Abby Miller after filming ended 

“They started talking again in December, just days after filming ended and by January they were hanging out together most days,” a source told the So Dramatic! podcast this week. “Things were serious between them again.”

Apparently Harrison 'coldly' dumped her after hearing from his manager. 

“His manager got in his ear and scared him and Harrison said to Abby, my manager said we shouldn’t see each other anymore," the source told So Dramatic!

“We can still talk but we can’t be seen together in public, because it won’t be a good look if I’m seen dating the same person I was dating before the show.”

So at this point, we don't know whether Harrison and Abby patched things up, but it's safe to say Bronte is definitely out of the picture. 

The pair also don't follow each other on Instagram, so that's that.

Sandy & Dan

Sandy and Dan were the first to fall in the spoiler extravaganza that has been the last fortnight. 


The Daily Mail spotted Dan making out with nurse Samantha Symes on the Gold Coast last week. The clincher of this story? She was a guest at his wedding!

Remember the lady in the orange dress?

Symes has since defended their relationship online. 


“Sadly people don’t realise reality TV is anything but real! And it’s not live television,” she replied to a comment on her Instagram. 

“People need a life. Who cares about MAFS or this crap,” she wrote in another.

I dunno guys, something tells me Sandy and Dan don’t make it as a couple. Just a hunch.

Claire & Jesse, Janelle & Adam

Adam and Claire from MAFS. Image: Nine.


I'm giving nos across the board for these two couples.

They've been smooshed together because of the cheating scandal that broke this week where Adam and Claire allegedly kissed during a night out. 

"A bunch of contestants went out drinking together at a pub and Claire and Adam went off to have a vape together and that’s when it happened," an insider told So Dramatic! "They have a little snog behind their partners' backs during a night out."

"Jesse [Claire's partner] immediately suspects something has happened, but Claire and Adam deny it, making Jesse look crazy. UNTIL... it all comes out eventually."

There was no love lost between Claire and Jesse who weren't getting along anyway, so it's no surprise those two don't make it. 

And it seems like Janelle's brothers were right to call out Adam on his past cheating, because it happened again!

Ollie & Tahnee

Image: Channel Nine


Finally some good news, it seems like fan fave couple Ollie and Tahnee are thriving!

The Daily Mail reported just yesterday that Ollie was spotted at the airport making the move from Perth to be with Tahnee in Sydney. 

"Ollie and Tahnee spent New Year's together and have met each other's families... They are truly mad for each other. Ollie packed up his life in Perth to be with her," a source told the publication. 

Caitlin & Shannon

Image: Channel Nine


Sorry team, this one is also a no. 

Shannon Adams is apparently back with his ex-fiancée.

Is anyone surprised here? He did tell his partner Caitlin McVonville on Tuesday night that he was still in love with his ex, so at least he’s honest?

According to The Daily Mail, Adams kept in touch with ex-fiancée Jamea Drake throughout filming of the show because the pair share a young daughter together. 

“I think Shannon tried to get over Jamea by going on MAFS but he had second thoughts as soon as he married Caitlin,” one source said. “He was upset after the wedding and wanted out right away.”

“They were together for about seven years… it was very on and off but they are happy now.”


The Daily Mail also reported that Adams’ time on MAFS was what “sparked a wave of emotions” and ended up being the reason the pair decided to “give things another ago… for each other, not just for the little girl.”

Duncan & Alyssa

Image: Channel Nine

Alyssa and Duncan started off strong with what felt like a match made in heaven. 


The pair were chuffed with each other until Alyssa told Duncan she had been the 'other woman' in the past. 

Duncan was initially shocked by Alyssa's confession but they eventually agreed to move past it. 

So while they're on the mend, we can hope for the best, but with his history of being cheated on, maybe it won't be as easy to move past this as Duncan thinks it will.

There isn't any recent update for the couple but we're keeping our fingers crossed because these guys have potential!

Melissa & Josh

Image: Channel Nine


What's happening with 'freak in the sheets' Melissa Sheppard and Disney dad Josh White?

Well, they too have had a difficult week on the show that's making us doubt their compatibility to be quite honest.

Confessions Week had Melissa confessing her biggest fear. 

"My biggest fear in going into a new relationship is getting stuck in a loveless-sexless-no-intimacy marriage. I’m very sexual," she told Josh. 

"I am a man - I am not a f**kin’ disposable sex toy. I didn’t come here to just meet someone to just f**k them all the time," Josh later said to camera. 

The pair seem to constantly on different wavelengths when it comes to intimacy and discretion, so we're not holding our breath for them.

Melinda & Layton

Image: Channel Nine


Is there any point talking about Melinda and Layton? The pair seem destined to breakup, it's amazing they're still in the experiment. 

Especially after Melinda said "First impressions, he may be punching just a little... I would swipe left… I’m a nine and a half, on a bad day," at the wedding. 

Yahoo! News reported Melinda had posted photos of herself in Sydney as late as mid-October. With the shooting schedule in mind, this means that Layton and Melinda stay in the experiment for at least one month. 

But after that... yeah, it's not a thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Feature Image: Channel Nine

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