"The results speak for themselves." The $13 mascara that everyone is losing their s**t over.

In case you haven't been scrolling through TikTok with all the other cool cats, there's a $13 mascara that has gone viral. And people are literally losing their minds over how good their lashes look.

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In case you just dove right in and didn't bother reading the title (we're fine), the mascara is called Maybelline Sky High Mascara - and goddamn, she's caused some serious hype.

Like, people-scrambling-to-buy-one kinda hype.

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Here she is:

Image: Maybelline Sky High Mascara 


So, why exactly is everyone freaking out over this mascara?

Good question, Rachel.

Well, the buzz behind the new launch came after TikTok user @jess.c.eid posted a sponsored video with Maybelline, using the newly launched mascara and showing off her before and after results. 

And her lashes look *gewd*.

See below:


love this mascara @maybelline #skyhighmascara #maybellinepartner #ad #hair #fy #maybelline #lashes

♬ original sound - Jess

Cue: A bunch of other beauty lovers across the world sharing their first impression using the mascara.


#stitch with @jessica.c.eid I think I found my new favorite mascara🙊 @maybelline #skyhighmascara #maybelline #mascara #fyp #viral #makeuphacks

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Annnd another one:


#stitch with @jessica.c.eid I think I found my new favorite mascara🙊 @maybelline #skyhighmascara #maybelline #mascara #fyp #viral #makeuphacks

♬ original sound - Zoe Roe

With over 63 million views on the #skyhighmascara hashtags, Maybelline's latest launch has reached cult status - selling out in several stores (Ulta sold out of it FOUR TIMES).


So! Now you know just how good the results are, 'spose you wanna know where you can snag it, right?

Where can I buy Maybelline Sky High Mascara?

You'll be able to snatch up Maybelline Sky High Mascara at stores such as Adore Beauty, Big W, Chemist Warehouse (which you can currently get for half price at $12.47), Coles, Kmart, Priceline and Woolworths. But they look like they're selling out pretty quick - so be fast! 

What's so good about Maybelline Sky High Mascara?

We haven't tried it yet (wanna pick up an extra one for us?), so we can't speak from experience, BUT! Maybelline's newest mascara looks like it promises to do lots of Good Things besides just giving you really, really ridiculously good looking lashes. 

Image: Giphy


First off, it has a rubber wand that tapers at the tip and is perfect for reaching every little lash. The bristles are long and flexible, meaning there's less chance of clumpy and all that other annoying stuff.

It also comes in both washable and waterproof formulas, and is infused with do-good ingredients like bamboo extract to make sure your lashes look long, full and healthy (without being weighed down).

How to apply Maybelline Sky High Mascara for best results.

If you've watched any of the TikTok videos (come on, you guys - we posted a heap of them above!), you'll notice that each user applies at least THREE full coats to achieve that dramatic, spidery effect. 

So, opt for three swipes on your lashes - and just make sure you wait until your lashes are a little tacky before going over with another coat.

Look at you go, Bambi!

Feature image: @zozoroe; @maybelline

Have you tried the new Maybelline Sky High Mascara? What's your thoughts? Share with us in the comment section below.