PSA: Maybelline just launched a range of lippies designed to literally suit everyone.

Let me ask you a question. How many red lipsticks do you own?

I’m willing to bet you either have heaps, or not a single one.

Heaps, because you’ve been on the seemingly never-ending search to find The Perfect Red and along the way you’ve accumulated bullets and bullets of lippies that are either too orange-based, or too dark, or make your teeth look yellow.

Or not one, because just the idea of trying to find The One to suit your complexion out of the countless red lipsticks that exist in the universe gives you an instant headache.

Finding the right shades of makeup, lipstick in particular, can be really tricky. What looks like the perfect nude on your bestie can very well look like concealer on you. And what makes that super annoying is that often you only discover how bad it looks after you’ve bought it.

That’s why this new Maybelline New York lippie range I am about to tell you about it kind of a big deal.


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The brand set out to create a capsule collection of lip colours to suit….all of us.

Yep. Everyone.

Many many months of research and development went into creating the final selection, which features six shades, with the team first narrowing down 100 shades to 10 shades. Those 10 were then obsessively tested on 50 different skin tones and ultimately the final six were decided on. It was basically Survivor for lipsticks.

And at that moment, the Color Sensational Made For All Lipstick range was born. Let’s take a closer look.

Maybelline New York made For All collection

The range is all about pinks, plums and reds. All formulas are a satin finish, except for the red, which is a matte finish. Honey nectar is a key ingredient for hydration to make sure the colour glides on like a dream.

There’s a 'red' which is a matte tomato like red, a 'ruby' which is a red-pink, the 'pink' is a softer rose pink, 'mauve' which is almost like brick red-pink, 'plum', which is exactly as the name suggests and 'fuchsia', a deep but bright lush pink.

Maybelline lipstick range
Here's me road-testing the Mauve on the left and the matte Red on the right.

And, get this - Maybelline New York reckons they have smashed these shades out of the park, so much so that if you don’t think it suits your skin tone they will give you your cold hard cash back*.

How much, you ask? They are RRP $17.95 a pop and can be found anywhere you buy your great mass makeup (major grocery stores and pharmacies and the like).

Impressive, huh? You be the judge - go and test the shades and let us know your thoughts!

Have you tried these lippies yet? Got a fave lippie? Do tell below.

Disclaimer: Maybelline New York is a sponsor of Mamamia's You Beauty podcast.

*If you purchase the product and don’t think it suits your skin tone, you'll get your money back. Ends August 1st 2019. One claim per household. Proof of purchase required. Claims must be made within 7 days of purchase. Full terms and conditions here.