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CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULES: Here's every single thing we know about Love Island Australia 2019.

Get ready to waste approximately 632 hours of your life, because the most trashy yet tasty thing on TV is returning to our screens.

Ah, Love Island. The show the makes you actively brain dead.

Channel Nine is coming out with a second season of the reality TV show, based on the successful UK format, hosted by Sophie Monk.

And they’ve released the much-anticipated premiere date: Monday October 7.

We simply can’t wait for another season of scandals, swimsuits and *cough* secret girlfriends.

Watch the trailer for Love Island Australia 2019. Post continues after video. 

For those unacquainted with the perfection that is Love Island, this show is a delicious cocktail of Bachelor in Paradise, Geordie Shore and Big Brother.

It sees 12 contestants enter a villa and “couple up” with each other as they try to find their perfect match.

As the days and weeks go by, new “bombshell” intruders enter and try to tempt original contestants away from their couple. As flames fizzle, contestants are dumped – by fellow islanders and viewers alike – with the last couple standing taking home prize money.

This season is set to air on the network’s main channel, Nine, rather than their subsidiary 9GO!, as it did last year.

In 2018, Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir were crowned winners, taking home $50,000 for being the public’s favourite couple. However, on the outside world, they lasted a mere 18 days as it was revealed Crapp had a secret girlfriend back home.


Reality TV, hey? Always putting the emphasis on authenticity.

when does love island australia start
In 2018, Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir were crowned winners, before ending their relationship 18 days later. Image: Channel Nine.

But don't worry, we think Channel Nine has made it a requirement this year that contestants be single to apply. We... hope.

As for where it will be filmed, The Daily Telegraph reported a few months ago that producers aren't planning on filming in Mallorca, Spain, as it was last year.

Instead, the publication said they were looking at Fiji, before their government expressed concerns over the "sleazy tone of the show" and HEY what do you mean sleez... okay, fair enough.

According to News Corp, producers were then forced to look to destinations in our homeland. And look, I actually can't think of a more perfect location for Love Island than our very own Gold Coast.

See you in 13 days, three hours, 33 minutes and seven seconds. I'm not counting, you are.

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