The Mamamia community shares the TV series they'll be watching this weekend.

COVID-19 restrictions are slowly easing, but at the same time… so many good TV series are being released.

It’s presented a real dilemma: A walk outdoors with 10 of our closest friends, or binge-watching a hilarious period drama or murder mystery?

Tough choice, huh.

Watch Stan’s The Great trailer, it’s laugh-out-loud funny. Post continues below video.

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But whether you’re planning a weekend of balance or pure couch time, we’ve asked the Mamamia community to share their best recommendations of what shows they’ll be diving into this weekend.

From long-running comedies to limited series dramas, to a very angry Northern Irish nun, we are always keen to hear what you’re loving.

The Great, Stan.

The Great
Image: Stan.

"It's just SO funny. It fulfils my need for amazing period sets and costumes, crude humour and Elle Fanning all in one amazing show." - Ella

"I binged the whole thing way too quickly. It's SO GOOD. I love Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult together, and the show is beautiful to watch in terms of scenery and costume, suspenseful and so clever. (Also a lil' bit gory, but I forgive them for that.)" - Gemma

Love Life, Stan.

love life stan
Image: Stan.

"Stan just dropped the show on Wednesday night and I've already watched the first three episodes. It's a bit cute and corny, but also awkward and a little sad. I'm keen to see where it goes in the following eps." - Kieran

Schitts Creek season six, Netflix.

schitts creek
Image: Netflix.

"I have loved this show since the beginning and the last season has just dropped. The writing is hilarious and witty, and by the end you feel really connected to the main characters and their storylines. It was created by Eugene Levy (American Pie) and his son Dan Levy who stars as a lead character too. Can't recommend it enough." - Charlie

The Stranger, Netflix.

the stranger
Image: Netflix.

"I'm watching The Stranger and I am addicted. The mystery, the twists and turns - I am all over it. It's also great because it's unpredictable and there's a lot of storylines happening at once that interweave with one another." - Sam

Little Fires Everywhere, Amazon Prime.

little fires everywhere
Image: Amazon Prime.

"It has such a cool 90s vibe that adds a whole other dimension to the story. You just can't help but wonder what's going to happen next, and of course, bonus points for the complex female characters!" - Amy

Dead To Me season two, Netflix.

dead to me season two
Image: Netflix.

"Dead To Me season 2 has been just brilliant. Filled with twists and turns. Hilarious one moment, tear-jerking the next. I'm also loving the representation of queer characters. I'm so used to LGBTI characters being tokenistic or stereotyped, but Dead To Me has approached them with such an authentic, matter-of-fact lens." - Adam

Babylon Berlin, Netflix.

babylon berlin
Image: Netflix.

"It's a German show set in a very decadent Berlin in the 1920s and it's really gripping." - Emilie

Upload, Amazon Prime.

Image: Amazon Prime.

"I feel like I blinked and suddenly finished all 10 episodes of this show, which is super funny and easy to watch. The concept of being able to 'upload' yourself before your die and basically live forever is interesting, and the humour is so spot on it's almost surprising the plots are also good. Definitely worth a binge!" - Lauren

Sweet Magnolias, Netflix.

sweet magnolias
Image: Netflix.

"Pure cheesy trash but I now want to move to America's south and find myself a high school sports coach to shack up with... as soon as it's COVID-safe, of course." - Amy

Derry Girls, Netflix.

Image: Netflix.

"I can't believe I didn't know about it! The writing is hysterical, the comedic timing of the performers is diabolical and the fun in the middle of a period of conflict is So. Damn. Hard. to pull off and they absolutely nail it." - Elise

Avatar the Adventures of Korra, Stan.

The Legend of Korra
Image: Stan.

"The greatest world-building, fantastic characters, and a really beautiful world. Also strongly recommend Avatar: The Last Airbender for those who haven't seen it. It is just SO GOOD. Don't let the fact that it's animated turn you off. It is funny and clever as hell." - Elise

White Lines, Netflix.

white lines
Image: Netflix.

"This murder mystery is straight-up ridiculous, and sad and funny and engaging. It was created by Money Heist's Alex Pina, which should tell you a lot about the perfect balance of drama and humour. It's not going to win any awards, but it's self-indulgent and fun." - Chelsea

Share your TV recommendations with us in the comments section below! It’s easy – just sign up for your Mamamia account, then add in an image of the TV show and a line about why you love it. 

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