If you're in your #personalgrowth era, blame Virgo season.

If you're a horoscope girlie, you'll already know that each astrological season can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life. And as we ease out of Leo season's party energy and into Virgo's grounded vibe, it's time to check what's on the cards for the next month or so.

Remember, this applies no matter your star sign (actually your sun sign, but I digress) – and while people with Virgo placements in their natal chart may feel these energies more than others, everyone will be affected by the planets' positions in the sky. 

We spoke to astrologer, author and intuitive reader Hollie Azzopardi to find out what Virgo season has in store. 

What is Virgo season? 

Just like we divide the months up into weather-related seasons, we can also divvy up time by astrological seasons, based on where the sun is positioned in the sky at different times of the year. Virgo season is simply referring to the approximately one-month period that the sun's placement is in Virgo.

“We can use the astrological signs to indicate the emotional and energetic undercurrents of the sign for each season,” explains Hollie. And even if you don't have a personal planet (aka your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) in the sign, "you're still going to feel its energy in some way", she adds. 

If do happen to have Virgo placements, though, strap in to feel the energetic implications of the season dialled up a notch or two.

When does Virgo season start? 

Virgo season starts on August 23 and ends on September 22 and those dates don't change from year to year. So you can lock info away for life!


Virgo season 2023: What you need to know.

Virgo is an earth sign, meaning this is a very grounding season, and is ruled by the planet Mercury – which, says Hollie, is all about communication.

"As a beautiful earth sign, Virgo is deeply grounded in pragmatism and logic," explains Hollie. 

"In a very literal sense, Virgo season is a time to get back to reality. We've been out partying in Leo season, out celebrating, and now's the time to ground and anchor into the here and now."


Virgo is deeply entrenched in pragmatism, but don't let your eyes glaze over at that word. 

"It sounds boring, I know – but it's not!" says Hollie. "Virgo is here to leave a legacy and leave its mark in the world and to serve, but Virgo is also about personal development and growth."

"Any strong Virgo archetype you meet, they are working hard on their 'stuff'. They are very self-aware people. And they are stopping at nothing to get to the bottom of their s**t, even though there's never an end to the work we all do, both personally and out in the world. So Virgos are very hard workers, they're very determined.

So how does this translate to Virgo season for everybody (and not just these dedicated little worker bees)?

"Virgo season is about cultivating curiosity and a relationship with your inner workings," says Hollie.

Take this season to look deeper into why you show up in your life the way you do, how you see the world, and dive into your own relationship with self-development, however that may look for you. It could be taking a self-development course or enlisting the help of a coach, for example.


"Virgo also finds great joy and success in order and structure, making this the season to get out those to-do lists," Hollie adds. "Write down all the things you have been putting off because you've been partying in Leo season, and feeling emotional in Cancer season, and get to work achieving!"

If you know any Virgo babies, you'll know striving to achieve is *key*. But, Hollie says, this is another Virgo energy that can go too far, even to a fault.

"Look at where you are chasing the unattainable and wronging yourself for being on this hamster wheel of 'not enough-ness," she advises. "Recognise there are moments and we need to stop at certain goalposts that we've achieved before going to the next one."


3 key things to do this Virgo season.

1. Tackle your to-do list.

"I know this sounds boring, but I promise, it's not!" says Hollie. With all that organisational energy in the air, Virgo season is the perfect time to get planning, get yourself sorted, and start ticking off those tasks that have been brewing away in the background. 

"This is a time to get on those scheduling and planning bandwagons, because all of that planning creates space for flow and surrender, and it creates space to achieve."

2. Do a big cleanout.

It's not called 'spring cleaning' for nothing! 

"This is a time to clean the house out and bring new energy in. Audit your closet, clear out your physical space, and do a deep clean from top to bottom – of dusting, mopping, scrubbing. all of these things," says Hollie. 

"This will get all the old energy out, and invite new energy in."

3. Start that new start project. 

Virgo season is the perfect time to dive into a new project or to launch something work-related.

"It could be that work pitch you've been thinking about, or that business idea you've had. Now is a beautiful time to put your head down and your bum up and get to it."

But, says Hollie, it's also the time to start a new self-development or health project. "Virgo is also the energy of health and wellness", says Hollie, so look at your physical relationship with how you're caring for yourself.


"It's a great time to create order and process and structure in your day-to-day life; to start a morning routine, an evening routine. I think often we overlook the power in simple daily practices – our journalling, our meal prepping, our meditation. All of those sorts of things, that sense of order, is what's going to serve us most in Virgo season."

The 3 challenges of Virgo season.

1. Overworking. 

Consider: "Where has life become all work and no play?" Hollie asks. "Where have you become robotic in the monotony of your days, and been unwavering in the structure you've created to a fault? And where are you too busy to actually sit and breathe?"


2. Self-negligence.

"Be sure to carve out time to not give to anyone else and to give back to self. That's really important, because service to others is so big for Virgo. They get great joy out of being of service to the world in some way, but excess Virgo energy can see us not giving back to ourselves."

3. Perfectionism. 

"The shadow expression and something to catch yourself in during Virgo season is where perfectionism is stopping you from pursuing something that is good for you," says Hollie.

"Try not to be so self-critical; silence the inner critic. And try to be less critical of other people, too! Know that we're all doing our best this season, and someone's best might look different to yours – and that's okay."

Virgo season takeaway.

"Virgo season is a time for you to be discerning with who gets your time, who gets your energy, and where you are investing that with people," says Hollie. "So invite discernment to the forefront of any catchup, any social outing, any agreement in your inbox.

Ultimately, "Virgo's here to show us that you can reach the highest of highs and all of your dreams. There's so much in store, but you have to be consistent with the regular daily practices that bring you into alignment of that higher expression."

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