'My boyfriend and I love having period sex. Here's why.'

My boyfriend and I LOVE period sex.

I might boldly go so far as admitting that period sex is probably better than sex at any other phase of my cycle.

(Hold for dramatic effect).

Let me tell you why.

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But first, a little bit of history.

In ancient tribes, a woman’s period blood was considered sacred, powerful and a source of feminine strength that increased our psychic abilities.

The ‘red tent’ ritual where women on their periods were separated from the rest of their tribe was implemented because men saw them as too dangerous and in tune with the spirit world. 

This whole notion screams red flag to me. In my opinion, we were only deemed dangerous because our feminine energy during this time of the month is intimidating to a man who is weak and does not understand a woman or her cycle.

I’m fortunate enough to have a thoroughly understanding boyfriend who through his own journey of discovery sees the beauty and potency women bring with their monthly bleeds.

Not only is period sex just pleasurable for us, but we also find it deeply connecting.

Period blood acts as a lubricant. It’s probably the best lube you can get apart from our natural vaginal wetness, because it’s produced by the human body. We also have more blood flow to the vagina, cervix, and uterus during our periods, so our sensitivity is heightened. I dare you to have an orgasm on the day two of your period... you can thank me mid-climax.


Period sex can be sex magic if used with the right intention.

From a spiritual standpoint, blood is our blueprint. It is the essence of life, so having sex on our periods is essentially sharing the core and spirit of who we are on deep soul level.

Period sex has made our relationship better. Full stop. Our connection has deepened enormously since putting period sex onto the table (sometimes literally).

Emotionally, it has opened a whole new channel of communication and understanding between us. He honours and celebrates my bleed with me, and I don’t feel like it’s a part of me I need to hide or be ashamed of because he’s actively showing me through intimacy that he loves ALL of me.

Period sex also has an intense primal and animalistic undertone to it, which we both love.

If my partner didn’t want to have sex with me on my period, unconsciously that creates a narrative in my mind that I’m dirty and he isn’t attracted to me during my bleed. This unexpressed feeling is what I believe has contributed to some labelling periods as taboo, unclean and a nuisance, and created the disconnection some women have with their cycles. 

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So yeah, my boyfriend and I love period sex because not only does it feel amazing, but knowing he loves all of me has created deeper intimacy between us and strengthened our relationship.

Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

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