A brave woman asked a mum's forum what childbirth feels like, and you know what? Don’t worry about it.

Is there actually a way to describe what childbirth feels like?

I think we can all agree it hurts – a hell of a lot – but everyone’s pain threshold is different, and every woman’s birthing experience is different.

Well, one brave woman trying for a baby asked a Mumsnet forum just “how painful labour is”, and we’re going to go out on a limb here and guess she’s now wishing she’d never brought it up.

A lot of mums said the pain is indescribable.

“It was a pain I’ve never felt before and I can’t describe it to anyone,” wrote one mum.

“I can remember the pain but I can’t explain it really,” added another.


Others couldn’t understand why the woman would even want to know – especially before she’s even fallen pregnant.

“Best to be blissfully unaware,” commented another mother.

And then there were others who were rather, um, graphic with their descriptions.

“It felt like being crushed to death,” wrote one mum matter-of-factly.

Way to not mess around.


“I think there is or are points when most people think they might die aren’t there? That might sum it up neatly…” added another.

“Apparently doctors say it’s equivalent to the pain of an amputation (without an anaesthetic of course)… If anyone ask [sic] me I just say ‘take the drugs,'” wrote another user.

Seriously, make it stop already.

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“When I was asked what it felt like, the only thing close enough was being cut in half with an axe that was on fire… or simply that my body was going to rip in half. But that still doesn’t do justice to the pain. Also, I mooed like a cow,” wrote another woman.

Others just made us go, what are you even talking about about?

“Like someone sticking an industrial powered hoover up your arse, and switching it on and off at increasing close intervals,” wrote another mum.

Okay, let’s just all agree that childbirth is the most excruciating pain you will ever experience as a woman and then never talk about it ever again.