"I contacted certain MPs, yes." Alan Jones' controversial role in the leadership spill.

Controversial radio host Alan Jones has opened up about his role in last week’s Liberal leadership spill, saying he contacted MPs to say the party had to change direction.

“I contacted certain MPs, yes, and encouraged them to recognise that if they wanted to go, Australia wanted to go the same way, there had to be change,” he told the ABC TV’s 7.30 program on Monday.

“I didn’t turn against Turnbull, but I turned against the (energy) policy,” he said.

Mr Jones says he supported Mr Turnbull at the last federal election, but the “writing was on the wall” for the Liberals.

“I tried to help Malcolm Turnbull at the last election because I thought it was a better option than the then Labor Party,” he said.

“It is Australia that matters here.

“When people can’t afford electricity, for goodness sake.”

Mr Jones said he contacted Liberal MP John Alexander, whose children he is godfather to, and urged a change over the “critical stuff”.

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In his outgoing speech, Mr Turnbull said he had been toppled by a “determined insurgency” backed by powerful voices in the media.

The former prime minister also made reference to the media the day before he was turfed from the top job.

“A minority in the party room, supported by others outside the parliament, have sought to bully, intimidate others into making this change of leadership that they’re seeking,” he said last week.