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cathbeckingham June 30, 2024

Love this for its simplicity and affordability! Thanks for sharing!

cathbeckingham May 26, 2024

Should we try zero tolerance to DVO breaches? Worked to reduce crime in NYC under Giuliani… 

cathbeckingham April 13, 2024

Tip: Polar fleece stays warm even when wet. 

cathbeckingham December 16, 2023

Just chilling here on my mat after doing another Move Pilates workout. Love, love, love this app! Thank you for making working out at home so easy.

cathbeckingham September 2, 2023

Great article and super helpful! I love my spin bike and use it as regularly as possible… also Pilates… but you’re right, some weeks it just doesn’t happen, but I like the shift that it’s so what you can, pick up where you left off. Thanks for taking the time to write it! 

cathbeckingham August 30, 2023

Excellent and informative article. Thank you. This topic has been the centre of a lot of discussion with my family (some of whom do not have the right to vote yet)- I will be sharing this with them and others. Keep up the awesome work! 

cathbeckingham August 22, 2023

Yep - big light user here. But I have solar panels and a battery so I’m guilt free.

cathbeckingham August 5, 2023

Hot tip: drip dry

Anything that “needs” ironing: 
machine wash, no spin cycle, hang on the line to drip dry. No wrinkles.
Happy days!

cathbeckingham August 5, 2023

Agree - Cornetto is no Drumstick

Hard disagree on the Weis Bar
My #1 would be Golden Gaytime, followed closely by Magnum
Never knew rainbow paddle pops were caramel! Worth the article just for this gem
Thanks for the laugh! Hubby and I had fun reading this one together. 

cathbeckingham July 16, 2023

Oh I so agree with this! As a Mother of Boys, it is hard to raise them in a world where they are expected to be respectful of everyone else, yet they are put down for being what they are… love this article and can’t wait to listen to the no filter!

cathbeckingham July 15, 2023

Love this! I am a preschool teacher and we have a lot of fun looking at the different sounds letters make, drawing them, making the shapes out of blocks, clapping syllables… and lots of talking, talking, talking and reading/listening to stories together. There is so much foundational work that needs to be done before deciding can start. Agree wholeheartedly and love that you are sharing your knowledge in this. Thanks for the great read!

cathbeckingham June 1, 2023

Gosh I am so sad and sorry that our Koori Curriculum friends have to endure this too… I am an EC teacher, proudly embedding Aboriginal perspectives in our program with the support of Jessica Staines and other organisations like hers. I hope that the little people I teach are able to continue their journey of cultural appreciation and respect for our traditional owners. The work Jessica and others do is invaluable to us - please don’t ever stop (and we won’t stop advocating either). 

cathbeckingham April 20, 2023

@dolbywah have a listen to “what are you wearing” podcast - super inclusive ideas on fashion. Love it. 😊😊

cathbeckingham January 6, 2023

Erin, I love your job-stop wedding talk and articles!! We are celebrating our 20 year wedding anniversary this year (we married young) and I am loving that whilst the trends come and go, the “you do you” is still the important message. I don’t think I would change anything about our wedding day - it was super special and reflected us.  I just wish we still had Mamamia daily because I’d love to hear this read in your voice (but in my head that’s how I read it anyway). Love your work!  Thank you, and HNY!!