Why this bride's unique seating strategy for her wedding reception has gone viral.

Well, here’s a wedding some of us would never be able to attend.

Why? Because it involves maths.


While for some of us the very word makes us shudder, for this bride and groom – it’s what brought them together, and what will set their wedding reception apart from others.

In one of the most unique wedding reception ideas we’ve ever heard, they’re making their guests solve a mathematical puzzle to figure out where they’ll be sitting at the reception dinner.

In a Facebook post shared on Reddit, the bride explained that because both her and her husband-to-be are mathematicians, they plan to include multiple maths references throughout the event.

Which is sweet… if you’re not mathematically challenged.

“At the dinner, guests will be required to answer a mathematical question in order to find out where they sit,” the post read.

“Every guest/couple will be presented with a unique, bespoke question: its difficulty and subject matter drawn directly from what we know their mathematical background to be.”

According to the bride, many of the guests have a “research level” background in maths, so she was using their past research papers to devise the questions.


“It’s been a rather consuming but very entertaining process to look at all kinds of papers that I wouldn’t normally ever look at,” the bride wrote.

While that's one rather creative way to avoid having to organise place cards, we predict it might result in wedding chaos otherwise known as people sitting in the wrong seats.

Oh, the horror.


Reddit went one further, calling it "maths-shaming", which garnered a number of hilarious responses:

"Upon looking into my background, they would likely decide to just sit me at the kid’s table," one said.

"That sounds like a very long dinner. Very long," another added.

While one said: "It does sound perfect for THEM but I would decline due to a very likely mathematically-induced anxiety attack."

“That’s one way to subtract a lot of guests from your wedding,” another quipped.

Others, however, disagreed that the concept was aimed at "shaming" people with little mathematical skill, and instead found it endearing:

"While it's true that this could end up a disaster, on the surface it's kinda cute and adorable. Suggests a small intimate party and they've paid attention to each guest," one posted.

"I actually find that one very sweet. Sounds like a young couple of academics with lots of academic friends, doesn't feel like it's meant to insult anyone," added another.

While we wholeheartedly agree, some of us can barely remember high-school level mathematics, and the only puzzles we do recall went a little something like this:

"If Marie had 42 bowls of cereal for breakfast, what is the mass of the sun?"

And yeah, nope.

That's triggering enough for us.

We'll see you at the kid's table.