"She asked me to get induced." 9 women share their all-time most insane bride requests.

Mention weddings and just about anyone can give you a bridezilla horror story.

Yes, yes, we know, the wedding day is all about the bride and groom.

But let’s be honest – some brides take their wedding requests way too far.

From viral bridezilla Susan who asked all her wedding guests to each donate $1500 to her, to the bride who went mental at her bridesmaid for wearing a watch in their wedding photos, the stories are endless.

We spoke to Mamamia readers to find the most ridiculous requests brides have ever had.

Here’s what they had to say:

Baby dilemma

“I’m overdue at the moment and the wedding is in weeks

“I’m stressed but the bride is stressing me out so much more.

“She has asked me to be induced so I can have my baby and be ‘bridesmaid’ ready.

“At this stage I’m going to have a bloody two-week-old screaming as I was down the aisle with milk leaking from my boobs, that is if I can walk properly by then.” – Chloe*

Sworn to secrecy

Louise* was on a hen’s night when the bride cheated on her husband just weeks before the wedding.

Everyone involved – including the groom’s sisters – were sworn to secrecy.

“If that’s not a ridiculous request, I don’t know what is,” Louise* said.

Screaming match

“The bride got into a massive screaming match with her maid of honour because she turned up to the final fitting with her hair cut to her shoulders.

“The bride had wanted all the bridesmaids to have the same length hair.” – Natalie*

Bangs or no deal

Another bridesmaid, Lena* was asked to get bangs cut specifically for the wedding.

“The bride wants an up-style with wispy bits around my face.”

Not only that, the hens party cost this bridesmaid close to $1500.


Pay up

Bridesmaids are often expected to pay for a lot when it comes to the wedding.

One bridesmaid, Sarah* almost had to pay for the bridal shower – which is generally speaking normally paid for by the bride…

“She wanted to put thousands of dollars worth of gifts on a registry for people to buy for her.”

No newborns allowed

“I knew someone who seriously suggested that her husband-to-be’s month-old niece should not attend the wedding because if she cried she would ruin it.

“When her husband pointed out that would mean his sister couldn’t attend as she was breastfeeding, she just rolled her eyes and said that they would have to sit at the back near the doors and that they needed to take her outside if she made a sound.” – Bianca*

Money, please

“They [requested] gifts be cash of no less then $200 per person. To go towards their house deposit.

“It was BYO food and alcohol.”

Weight loss

“I worked in bridal… there was a bride who wouldn’t let a girl buy her size in the dress because she wanted her to lose weight. The poor girl was sat sobbing in the fitting room as the bride screamed at her.” – Amelia*

No bags

“I was a bridesmaid and I was told I wasn’t allowed to use a handbag on the day as it ‘wouldn’t look right’.

“I asked where I was supposed to keep all my stuff and she said ‘get someone to hold it for you’.” – Kate*

*Names have been changed.

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