Woman shares story of being dumped from bridesmaid duties because of an unexpected diagnosis.

Being a bride-to-be comes with countless stresses. There’s much to plan, a lot to organise, and many people to delegate responsibilities to. So thank goodness there are bridal parties, right?

But when the bride herself becomes a little – ahem – hard to handle, being thrust into the role of bridesmaid becomes a not-so-fortunate feeling.

For this particular bridesmaid, things actually started off smoothy.

Posting to a private Facebook group, the woman said the two initially became friends at work when they both got engaged at the same time.

Soon, they were planning their weddings together.

“I thought it would be super cute to both plan together but she would literally take over everything,” the bridesmaid wrote to the Facebook group.

uninvite bridesmaid
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And then, the bridesmaid was diagnosed with an inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, which not only causes intense pain but also fatigue.

"[I] barely had the energy for work, let alone my wedding and definitely not hers," she said.

The bridesmaid's illness meant she couldn't eat a lot of food due to bowel sensitivities, which no doubt made the bride really, really mad.

Apparently, it meant she was being "super picky about the menu", when we're almost certain no one picks to suffer from debilitating diseases.

Finally, after the bridesmaid was suddenly overcome with a wave of fatigue one night and couldn't go out with the girls, the bride went ahead and dumped her from the bridal party. For... talking about her bowel disease "too much".

"You're being really selfish." Image: Getty.

What's worse? The bride gave her the boot via text.

According to the ex-bridesmaid, the message went something like this: "If you can't be bothered to put silly little things like your illness and your wedding aside to help me on my most important day, I don't want you there."


Even though the text message probably felt like a massive kick in the gut at first, we're pretty sure the ex-bridesmaid was happy to be absent from the wedding in the end.

We certainly would be.