How one bride helped her groom get over his wedding nerves with the help of her brother.


As she prepared to walk down the aisle, Heidi Zherelyev noticed her husband Valentin was looking very nervous.

But luckily for Val, Heidi had the perfect idea to ease her groom’s nerves.

The couple had already planned on doing a ‘first look’, giving Heidi the perfect opportunity to prank Val.

When Val turned around ready to see his bride, it wasn’t Heidi standing there – it was his brother-in-law dressed in a wedding dress.

“The grooms reaction was completely priceless. He was so shocked thinking he was going to be seeing his wife but saw his brother in law instead!” the couple’s wedding photographer Nichole told Mamamia.

Heidi's brother approaches a very nervous Val. Image: KevinChole Photography.
The first look. Image: KevinChole Photography.

And the prank worked, too.

"He pretty much laughed his nerves away!" Nichole added.

Heidi's brother wore an old wedding dress to pull off the prank. Image: KevinChole Photography.
Heidi's brother even wore his sister's perfume so he smelled like her. Image: KevinChole Photography.

It was hard for photographer Nichole to keep her composure while snapping the photos.

"I was laughing so hard and didn't want to ruin the moment by laughing and making the groom turn around out of curiosity," Nichole told Mamamia.

Photographer Nichole didn't find out about Heidi's plan until two hours before she shot the photos. Image: KevinChole Photography.
Val and his brother-in-law finished off the 'first look' with some classic couple shots. Image: KevinChole Photography.

Nichole, who has been photographing weddings for over 10 years says Heidi and Val's wedding was the "coolest culture shock" she's ever experienced.

"We don’t see that much anymore these days. It was refreshing. The bride is a from a Norwegian descent and the groom is from Russia and they literally collaborated every piece of who they are together and made it into who they will become," she said.

"It was overall incredible."

You can check out more of Nichole's photography on Facebook.

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