In 2022, everyone can be cancelled - except if you’re a badly behaved AFL player.

In case you missed it, ex-AFL player, now-commentator Wayne Carey dropped an ominous little bag of white powder at Perth's Crown casino last week.

He denied the substance was illegal, rather just a crushed anti-inflammatory drug, he said.

Carey has been banned from any Crown establishment for two years - and stood down from his role at Channel Seven, pending an investigation.

Yes, this was the very same Carey with an exhaustive list of pretty deplorable behaviour to his name. 

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The same Carey who was arrested in the US for allegedly acting violent towards his ex-wife.

The same Carey who allegedly punched his ex-girlfriend in the face - and glassed her with a wine glass. 

The same Carey who assaulted police officers on two different occasions.

Albeit not illegal, it's the same Carey who had an affair with his teammate's wife.

And while it may be over 20 years ago, it's the same Carey who grabbed a woman's breast on a Melbourne street, asking her, "Why don't you get a bigger pair of tits?".

The same Carey. 


Yet in spite of all of this, the prominent media opportunities - in newspapers, TV and radio - and honours never dried up for Carey.

In fact, after all these incidents, he was inducted into the Australian Football Hall of Fame in 2010.

And he was even provided the chance of a redemption arc - thrice. In a 2008 interview with Andrew Denton where he talked about his struggle with alcohol and cocaine; in 2020 when we were meant to be excited to see him get his gear off for The All New Monty; and earlier this year when he appeared (reportedly for a very handsome fee) on SAS Australia.

The message? 

Violence against women isn't problematic enough to be cancelled. That's the story we're continually told.

Slap him on the wrist, lay low for a while, and then roll him back out and into a plum job. Rinse and repeat. 

Because Australian sporting culture (hello to the NRL too) is sacred. The gods are untouchable. So, look away from the inconvenient truth. 

That being, the treatment of women by these men - role models and representatives - doesn't matter. 

Only last week, footage emerged of Richmond's revered Dustin Martin clasping the breast of a topless entertainer at a Mad Monday celebration from 2015. 

The commentary from those in the football fraternity was that it was unfortunate timing; a "distraction" on the eve of their finals campaign. 

It was a "poor look" according to AFL boss, Gillon McLachlan. 

The actual outcome? Unclear. 


Last year, Collingwood star Jordan De Goey was embroiled in scandal when he was involved in a New York nightclub brawl. He was charged with assault, and according to an NYPD statement, De Goey also "grabbed buttocks and vagina outside clothing without permission or authority to do so of a 35-year-old female".

And three months ago, a video showed De Goey attempting to expose a woman's breast while enjoying a mid-season break in Bali.

He apologised, and was handed a $25,000 suspended fine - but that was after his initial response which bemoaned the "persecution" of athletes on his Instagram. 

And De Goey plays on. 

Boys will be boys.

But enough.

Enough with the teflon men, and their empty platitudes of 'repentance'. 

Our sportsmen must do better. 

Our boy's club of sporting leaders, and the media, and sponsors, and fans must demand they do too.

That they are befitting of their role model status to the next generation of boys who idolise them.

Because enough with the privilege of a second, third, and twelfth chance to do right: to do, what is the bare minimum of decent behaviour. 

To treat women with the basic respect they deserve. 

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