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kimtwinn7 January 10, 2024



kimtwinn7 December 3, 2023

OMG in Australia she would have only been sentenced to 2 years or even a non custodial sentence.

Our judges are way way too lenient, for a vicious premeditated murder the offender could be back out on our streets in 10 years. It's disgusting. 

kimtwinn7 October 5, 2023

@houseofvintage I totally agree with Rush, things won't improve when you're married. Your partner should always have your back & show you support.  He doesn't have to have arguments with his mother, but he could privately show you support & understanding & listen when you need to get it off your chest. 

Throughout your engagement & married life he must show his mother that you & he are a united front. 
Good luck.

kimtwinn7 October 5, 2023

@sj. OMG what some misguided people thought was OK is truly horrifying.  I thank God your Grandparents got wind of this biased, draconian, misguided plan that surely was against the law. It doesn't matter how many children your Grandparents had, no one has the right to take their newborn baby. 

kimtwinn7 October 5, 2023

Very insightful Holly, younare absolutely right in that 2nd last paragraph and I am sure Hugh would totally agree with your summation. 

I also like your comment about their third act .......both Deborah & Hugh are very lucky indeed.

kimtwinn7 April 17, 2023

It's just like that old comment from last century- "she was asking for it".
What woman would ask to be violently raped, to have her life ruined, to have all of her hopes for the future dashed.
Society should stop the victim blaming. 

kimtwinn7 April 5, 2023

Thank you, thank you,  thank you,  I totally agree. Extremely well written & I'm so glad you are standing up for our Molly as well as thousands of others.

kimtwinn7 April 4, 2023

You are going to the wrong shops.

They all looked too casual to m

kimtwinn7 September 7, 2022

Absolutely disgusting. Why does everyone overlook this type of behavior. 

What are our young, impressionable  youths learning from their behaviour o f their idols.
Sportsmen & politicians they are exempt when it comes to sexual assault & violence towards women - THATS WHAT I'M WITNESSING. 

kimtwinn7 July 23, 2022

Great article Chelsea, you really see it as it really is & it's good to remind us.

I look forward to reading more from you.
Regards a true fan

kimtwinn7 July 23, 2022

It has to be time American authorities & government got rid of the racists.

Why are black Americans & Native Americans still suffering this evil racism from those in power who are supposed to help & protect all citizens. 
It's the same sad case in Australia with Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islanders not being treated as equal by some.

kimtwinn7 July 7, 2022

In the case of Amy Wensley, those two detectives who argued with Constable Blandford should be sacked & be deprived of their police pensions.

They should also be charged over their exceptional incompetence that has let murderers walk free among us.
It's fu@ki#g incomprehensible what they did and what they DIDN'T do, bloody unbelievable.