SEX DIARIES: 'He wanted to watch me have sex so we invited a stranger to join us.'

It was the evening before lockdown when, feeling frisky, I gave my Bumble dating app profile a glow up. 

There’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to make you want to live life to the fullest and I was ready to experiment. 

On my profile, I typed: "I'm looking for someone naughty to join in the fun."

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A few days later, I matched with Michael. A photo of him at the races in a light grey suit and deep blue tie got my attention. He was tall, extremely sexy, with a very cute smile. 

By his third message, he’d addressed the elephant in the room.  

"You come across as a free spirit in your bio. Are you the open-minded type, too?"

Our conversation quickly turned dirty and soon he was telling me about his kinky playmate and threesomes with couples. Between stories, we swapped fantasies and shared our darkest desires. I told him how I dreamed of being with more than one man at once and he said he wanted to watch a woman he found incredibly sexy being f**ked in front of him. 

"I’d like to see her dressed up and being very naughty, turning two guys on, and it bringing out an even filthier side to her. I want to watch her being pleasured and enjoying all of the attention."

With his vivid imagination, I felt myself getting carried away as Michael dreamed up scenarios I so wanted to live out. 

"It’s difficult to find someone so like-minded," he said. "This is a good start."

A week later, we met for a socially distanced walk and wine by the river, and as the sun set, the Merlot hit and the chat really heated up. 

Sitting side by side, I started to tell him about a naughty date I'd been on recently. 

He encouraged me to share every detail and his eyes lit up as I gave him a blow by blow account.


By the time my palm dipped between his knees, he was so stiff it caught me by surprise, and he groaned beside me. 

We went to a nearby park where Michael pushed me up against a tree. His hands tore into the top button of my jeans as I worked on his belt. 

Unzipping, he shot out as my hand wound around him, pulling him harder and faster as his fingers furiously slid inside me. With his mouth at my ear, a tirade of dirty talk spilled from his lips, as I got closer and closer. 

Digging my nails into his shoulder, I gave a final tug as he exploded onto the ground and I slammed my free hand over my mouth to muffle my orgasm. 

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The following Friday, after a tough week at work, I texted Michael. 

"Busy tonight?"

By 7.30pm, he had picked me up from the train station, and we'd stopped off to grab a couple bottles of wine on our way home. 

Upstairs in his apartment, we spread out across the L-shaped sofa which took up half the room, and with one glass after another I let the stress of the week slip away as Michael pulled off my top and kissed down my body. 

As his fingers explored, inch my inch, he tantalised me with details of his prior experiences and namedropped a swingers website he’d used a couple of times before. 

My ears pricked up. Singles, couples, straight, bi-curious, threesomes and orgies – it was all there for everyone and anyone looking for a good time, he said. 

The idea spurred me on as Michael took me on the couch, filling me with fantasies just within my reach.

A few more wines and another round later, we were lying in the afterglow on his king sized bed, when I realised I needed more and had a burning desire to bring someone else in. 

"Let’s do it!", I cried looking up at Michael, as he beamed and grabbed his phone off the bedside table. 

"I was hoping you’d say that."

We quickly created an online profile, NaughtyPair89 – describing ourselves as a young professional couple delving into the world of kink... seeking originality, spontaneous meets and imaginative scenarios. 

Then we had a sexy photo shoot, uploading the pics to our profile.


Within 10 minutes, we’d received a dozen messages. 

Wading through the old man perverts, and many, many unwanted dick pics, I noticed a polite email from 26-year-old Jay, who introduced himself as athletic, fairly new to the scene but "very happy to indulge in all sins of the soul."

His profile pictures were cute, and I shot him a message straight back. 

Two more and I was inviting him over. "Michael wants to watch," I typed, as a smile spread across my face. I was about to get everything I’d always wanted. 

Within half an hour, Jay was knocking on our door and Michael took off downstairs to let him in. 

Arranging myself on the sofa with a glass of wine, I had no idea what to expect. 

I heard the boys head through to the kitchen for a vodka and by the time they walked into the room, my heart was pounding. 

"Hey," a very youthful Jay smiled, shrugging out of his coat, as he sat down to my left, on one length of the lounge. Michael sat down on the other side of me and I felt like a queen. 

As we chatted easily, sexual tension simmered away. 

By the time Michael asked, "so how long have you been swinging", I was resting up against him, stretched out on the couch facing Jay, as our new friend stroked my legs up and down. 

I looked him in the eyes and pushed myself up, until he was kissing me, his tongue searching my mouth while his hand slipped under my tiny black dress. 

Finding me wet and wanting, he pushed his fingers in as I leant back on the couch, looking across to Michael. At a metre away, on the other length of the sofa, he had the perfect viewing spot, and unbuttoned. 

As his foreign fingers worked me, the other hand pulled down my zip and the tight dress burst open. 

While Jay leant back to pull off his trousers, I crawled over to Michael, taking him in my mouth as Jay pushed into me from behind. I finally felt completely filled.

Turning around, Jay sat back against the sofa and I climbed on top, riding him hard and furiously fast while Michael watched behind me, tugging himself up and down. Without warning, I peaked in ecstasy, more turned on than I had ever been before.

Then I let Jay finish in my mouth. 

Not long after, Michael got up off the sofa and walked Jay to the door. 

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