Ouch. Victoria's Secret model has her entire butt cheek cut off. Not so sexy...

We thought the booty was back but according to this Photoshop job it shouldn’t exist at all.

In the newest global Photoshop fail, an international lingerie brand has decided to market their undies by using a model with no butt.

An image selling the Victoria’s Secret underwear range has used a photo of their underpants on a model that has had her bottom chopped off.

Look at that line. Image Credit: Victoria Secret’s website.

If you look closely, you will notice that the left cheek has been removed – entirely.

Photoshop fail: The woman with the longest legs ever.

Look closer…

Seriously, where has that left butt cheek gone?

While trying to sell a range of underwear that is supposed to look good on your butt – these guys have gone and cut off the most important asset.

It seems a little odd, although not entirely surprising given the Victoria’s Secret brand have a lifelong commitment to Photoshop and the removal of their model’s flesh to make them look thinner than they already are.

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