Ever heard of stretching? It’s when photographers and Photoshop stretch the (already) long and thin models to make them, well, even more long and thin.

We also call it Barbie Stretching. Because those are the ideal female proportions, right? No matter they’re anatomically impossible.

Check out the images on this fashion site for Chinese label, Romwe. Gone are the model’s thighs, calves, knees and any part of her legs that would, you know, help her stand up.

o PHOTOSHOP FAIL 570 PHOTOSHOP FAIL: The legs no woman could walk on.



Here are some of the best/worst photoshop fails of 2012. The competition is stiff.

Katy Perry with two left hands

And in case you wanted purchase a pair of the skinniest pants in the world, don’t bother.

They’re all sold out according to the manufacturer. We checked.

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