"We are opening up." What we know about Victoria's roadmap out of lockdown.

Victorians have been given a glimpse at what life could look live over the next three months after Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews delivered the state's roadmap out of lockdown. 

The premier unveiled the roadmap last Sunday, announcing that lockdown is expected to end in late October.

"Make no mistake, we are opening this place up. There is no alternative. There is a gateway here, it will be challenging but we must pass through it. We cannot have a perpetual suppression of this virus. No-one is arguing that," he said. 

"These are not orders. These are our hopes and inspirations. We hope the community joins with us to deliver the national plan through this Victorian road map, and the biggest and most important part of that is getting vaccinated."


However, while opening up brings greater freedoms, the premier pointed out that it will also place stress on the state's health system. 

"I want to make it very clear to all Victorians, particularly to those working in our health system, as we deliver this roadmap, we will monitor every hour of every day how many people are in hospital and how much pressure is on our health system," he said.

"It will be in a staggered and measured way of course, but we are opening up. Be in no doubt about that, and there will be no turning back."

Here's what you need to know about Victoria's roadmap out of lockdown. 

80 per cent single dose vaccination (expected on September 28).

New freedoms are right around the corner for Victorians. 

On Sunday, the premier announced some restrictions will ease at 11:59pm on Tuesday, when at least 80 per cent of the state's eligible population is expected to have had one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This milestone was originally expected to be reached on September 26. 

"[80 per cent single dose] is a very important threshold, and of course I think that our double dose numbers will go beyond the 80 per cent mark which is very good," said Mr Andrews.

"They are modest things, it’s not Freedom Day, it’s not the end of the lockdown. That is getting closer every day though."

"Those activities will be back but it may look a bit different. It may not be the same experience pre-COVID but I think people will be delighted to get back to those things they are passionate about."


From 11:59pm on Tuesday, the travel limit for exercise and shopping will increase from 10kms to 15kms in Melbourne and up to five fully vaccinated adults can take part in outdoor personal training. Restrictions around playgrounds will also be lifted.

Those in Melbourne and regional areas in lockdown will also be able to enjoy outdoor recreational activities, such as tennis and golf. 

Meanwhile, in regional Victoria, masks won't have to be worn for hairdressing and beauty services and the outdoor venue cap will increase from 20 to 30. 

On-site learning will also resume for students next month.

From October 5, Melbourne students sitting the General Achievement Test (GAT) will attend school and from October 6, on-site learning will resume for students studying VCE 3 and 4 subjects, as well as final-year VCAL and IB students.

Then from 18 October, prep students are expected to be able to attend school three days per week, while grades one and two can return for two days.

70 per cent double dose vaccination (expected on October 26).

When Victoria hits 70 per cent double dose vaccination, which is expected on October 26, lockdown and the curfew will come to an end. 

"The reasons to leave your home in the curfew will no longer be in place. Lockdown will be off," said Mr Andrews. 

In Melbourne, 10 fully vaccinated people can gather outdoors and 50 fully vaccinated people can attend a wedding or funeral outdoors. 

Pubs, clubs, entertainment will open to 50 fully vaccinated outdoors and up to five fully vaccinated people can attend hair and beauty sessions indoors. 


Meanwhile, in regional Victoria, indoor community sports can return and pubs, clubs, entertainment will open to 30 fully vaccinated people indoors.

For funerals and weddings, 30 fully vaccinated people are allowed indoors and 100 fully vaccinated people are allowed outdoors. 

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80 per cent double dose vaccination (expected on November 5).

When the state hits 80 per cent double dose vaccination, which is expected to be on November 5, both metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria will be able to enjoy the same freedoms. 

Masks will only be required to be worn indoors, indoor community sport can resume and up to 10 people (including dependents) can attend household gatherings. 

Up to 150 fully vaccinated people can dine indoors while up to 30 can gather in public outside. 

Pubs, restaurants and cafes can seat up to 150 fully vaccinated people indoors and 500 outdoors. Meanwhile, for weddings, funerals and religious services, 150 fully vaccinated people are allowed indoors and up to 500 outdoors.

Shopping will also be back on the table with all retail opening. Hair, beauty and personal care will also be open to fully vaccinated people.

In terms of education, early learning and childcare will open, all students will return to school and adult education will return for fully vaccinated Victorians. 

For work, it's recommend that people work from home if they can, otherwise they can return to the office if fully vaccinated.

80 per cent of 12 years and over double dose vaccination (expected on November 19).

Once 80 per cent of Victorians aged 12 years and older have received two doses of the vaccine, restrictions will align with the national plan. 


And in other good news, Christmas gatherings with friends and family are back on the table. 

According to the roadmap, Victorians will be allowed to have up to 30 visitors to their home by December 25.

This article was originally published on September 19, 2021, and was updated on September 26, 2021.

Feature Image: Getty/Mamamia. 

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