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shadie3 March 28, 2021

Ugh, I found 'Boy Meets Universe' so boring!!! I didn't like the writing style, I didn't like the characters and I didn't like the storyline. I got roped into the hype to read it, but I personally do not recommend.

shadie3 March 2, 2021

I absolutely hated this part of the show. It was so degrading and immoral. All I could think is these poor contestants are watching this show right now and are probably hating themselves. It was awful - and legit could not find any single purpose on how this could be helpful in a relationship.

I know the experts/producers are just trying to get drama, but it was so hard to watch.

shadie3 January 14, 2021

I love Jodi Picoult, she is one of my fave writers. Literally any of her books are worth reading but my personal fave is House Rules.

Paullina Simons I have loved during the Bronze horseman but recently started reading The Tiger Catcher and just could not get into it. Weirdest storyline ever.

I tried "Boy Swallows Universe" after a few different lists recommended it and I read the whole thing was deeply disappointed. I didn't find it that good. Everyone has raved about it though so not sure what I missed - did not do it for me.

When I was much younger, I also loved the Flowers in the Attic series by VC Andrews.

Thanks for the list Jessie!

shadie3 January 11, 2021

I think it's a very interesting and forward-thinking way to live. They have obviously got a support system in place to avoid situations where people need to change nappies etc (like childcare or similar).  I'd be very keen to see a study or article based on adults who have grown up in this gender-creative world and see how they perceived the effect it had on them as people.

shadie3 January 10, 2021

I loved this interaction so much. I love the conversation its started in homes with young teenagers of all genders. Abbie is an intelligent, sassy and vibrant young woman.

While I don't think anyone is mad at Dipper, in this situation he represents a majority that still believes this sentiment and it's time we stand up and say enough is enough.

shadie3 December 8, 2020

I was actually pretty disappointed by the final episode. What a boring old story, the adultering husband killed his mistress. Give us something really tangible. Henry would've been a great option. Or even Grace's Dad. Something just a little more interesting.
I think the hardest part in the whole series was when I thought Jonathan was going to kill Henry (first by car crash, then by throwing him off the bridge).

shadie3 November 22, 2020

They all did such a great job. Jimmy and Tam have been such strong contenders all season, they deserved the win. I'd love to know the maths behind the reserve prices. 

shadie3 November 11, 2020

I have heard a few times now that "Trump made promises in 2016 and delivered on them". I struggle to follow US politics; however it would be interesting to know what he actually delivered on/what he did during his time in office.
Personally, I see the Twitter wars, leaving the Paris climate agreement and causing havoc with other countries political leaders (off the top of my head) as cause for concern. That's not to even bring in the personal aspect which I despise.
@mamamia, please do a (real) article on what Trump did during his time in office.