Here's what we know about the new love interest for Joe in season two of Netflix's YOU. 


Warning: Spoilers for season one of YOU ahead. 

Some of us are still recovering from Penn Badgley’s terrifying face/voice/personality/internal dialogue as Joe in the first season of YOU on Netflix.

But for those of us who leapt on the series when it first dropped, the night terrors have subsided and we’re hungry for season two.

Check out the season one trailer below. Post continues after.

If you haven’t watched YOU yet, it follows the tale of uber-creepy Joe Goldberg, played by Badgley, who works in a dusty secondhand bookstore.

Joe, we quickly learn as the 10 episodes roll on, is a sicko who develops a chilling obsession with one of his customers and soon-to-be girlfriend, Beck.

But now that Beck is gone (ahem, spoilers), season two will bring a new leading lady, and potentially… victim.

Her name is Love Quinn, and she’s played by Victoria Pedretti, who’s fresh off her turn on Netflix’s horror series The Haunting of Hill House.


Love Quinn is an aspiring chef working in a gourmet grocery store. Unlike Beck, she’s uninterested in the world of social media, branding and self-promotion, and focuses instead on leading an interesting life, whatever that means.

Enter Joe, who she senses has knowledge of grief and loss similar to her own.

Speaking to EW of the casting, showrunner Sera Gamble says:

“It is very f**king cool that Victoria is playing this role.


“I binged Hill House, and she was incredible. And then a couple of days later, [executive producer] Greg [Berlanti] sent an email asking, ‘Have you seen Hill House? Have you seen Victoria Pedretti, wouldn’t she make a perfect Love?’ Leave it to Greg to put that together.”

Before we learnt of Pedretti’s addition to the cast, all we really knew about the season was that Joe will leave New York for LA.

Love, Gamble says, is instrumental in this move.

Pedretti's character is apparently "very LA". Image: Getty.

“To me, Love embodies the best of Los Angeles,” Gamble says. "She’s a Los Angeles native. She has really absorbed the best of the city and she’s really artistic with the way that she lives her life.”

She added that the season will be an opportunity to "illuminate LA" beyond the Hollywood sign.

Given the high body count in the first season, we're half expecting Love to meet as bleak an end as Beck's. (If you've read the second novel in Caroline Kepnes’ series, no spoilers please)

But, Gamble adds, the two characters couldn't be more different.

"She’s very very different than the woman that you got to know in season one, Beck, who was ambitious and driven as a writer and also as a young person in a social circle that had a certain kind of status. Beck had been quite aware of her social media presence, and Love is extremely disinterested in all of that.”

So what else do we know?

Sera Gamble previously told The Hollywood Reporter: “Part of the fun of continuing the story is that the loose ends from Joe’s past are still dangling and could come back to him at anytime. He is very worried about the fact that Peach Salinger’s family has hired people to investigate her alleged suicide, and there is evidence potentially still at her house from season one.”


Season two doesn't have a premiere date yet, but we are growing vastly impatient.

Hurry up pls.