Why people think Brooklyn Beckham's latest photo of his mum is... a little bit odd.

Nothing warms our hearts like seeing families support each other, and one family that always seems like a very tight unit is the Beckhams.

They sort of remind me of my own family. If my parents had three boys and one girl instead of two girls and a boy, were a lot younger, very rich, glamorous, British, high-fashion and one of the most famous families in the world. Yeah, sort of.

But 19-year-old Brooklyn Beckham’s latest Instagram post featuring his mother is… an interesting one.

Brooklyn, who has been employed by Victoria to shoot her new fashion line, posted a photo congratulating his mum on her New York Fashion Week show.

She looks positively glorious. But in the photo she also appears to be topless.

Which leads us to believe that prior to this photo being taken, Victoria and Brooklyn were sitting together, reflecting on the show, while Victoria was sipping her tea half-naked.



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Well done mum on another amazing fashion show ????

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The photo does feature a strategically placed towel to cover her chest from view, and on closer inspection it appears she MIGHT be wearing a skin-coloured top, but many of Brooklyn’s followers jumped in the comments to express their opinion that it’s… a little bit weird.

“Topless your mom? Yuck,” wrote one commenter.

Another wrote, “Great photo and loving the support. But is it just me that’s a little weirded out about him posting what is basically a topless photo of his mother?”

“I’m weirded out too,” said another.

Most people were fans of the shot, praising Brooklyn’s talent as a photographer and applauding their close mother-son relationship.

“She is definitely topless holding a towel that on her shoulder is a imprint of the dress she was wearing earlier it’s a beautiful picture very tasteful and very well taken Brooklyn (sic),” wrote one.

“Very iconic shot Brooklyn ur talent is shining through (sic),” another commented.

“She’s wearing a vest, he’s so proud of her achievements and rightly so! I think they have a great mum/son relationship, it’s how it should be .. well done Victoria,” said one user.

We don’t really know how we feel about it, but we do agree that it’s a beautiful photo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

What do you guys think? Is she wearing a top? Is it weird if she isn’t? Let us know in the comments below.