Oh. Victoria Beckham is selling a gym bag which resembles an actual garbage bag for $1500.


When it comes to Victoria Beckham, the word chic usually comes to mind.

The fashion designer and wife to former soccer star David Beckham, 44, is rumoured to have 100 priceless Birkin bags to her name, after all.

But the latest handbag from the 45-year-old’s self-labelled brand has us… scratching our heads.

The gym bag is based on the carry bags inside her flagship store and well, it looks an awful lot like a garbage bag.


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The 36 Dover St. Drawstring Bag. Slouchy, yet practical, designed to work for every day. x VB

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The new bags come in black or white with the words “Victoria Beckham: 36 Dover Street” printed on the side and are made of 100 per cent lamb (whatever that means).

But as bizarre as it is, the bag would be innocent enough – if it wasn’t… $1500.

According to the Victoria by Victoria Beckham website, the bag is a “playful nod” to the brand’s 10 year anniversary.

Um, is that why it costs more than rent for a month?

After posting a video of the bags to Instagram, many of Victoria Beckham’s followers had questions – and we’re really not blaming them.

“Isn’t that just the dust bag that a proper bag comes in?” one follower asked.

“Who in their right mind pays £800 for that?” another said.

Others were just downright insulted.

“This looks like a free gift with purchase sis ain’t nobody paying £800 for it”, one person wrote.

“I was waiting for the bag to pop out until I realised this is THE bag,” wrote another.

In the eyes of the people of Twitter, this bag is daylight robbery.




If you don’t have a spare $1500 for a gym bag – worry not.

A garbage bag and a sharpie will get you exactly the same result. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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