The reason you might be seeing more red handbags than ever today.


So. Have you noticed it yet? Maybe on your daily commute to work? Or dropping off your kids at school?

There seems to be an outbreak… of red handbags.

And the reason behind it is absolutely brilliant.

It’s not spring fashion starting a day early, but rather a symbol of solidarity on National Equal Pay Day.

The current gender pay gap is 14.6 per cent, meaning women must work an extra 62 days per year to earn the same as men.

While this is definitely less than ideal, we are taking steps to remedy the situation, National Equal Pay Day being one of them.

Workplace Gender Equality Agency Director Libby Lions told Mamamia that today is symbolic as it “helps raise awareness of the barriers women face in accessing equivalent pay packets to men for their work.”

The Equal Pay Day website says these are some kickarse practical ways that you can show support today as a woman or ally.


Carry red purses and handbags.

(Finally it makes sense).

By carrying red purses and handbags, women are making a symbolic gesture, standing up for the economic discrimination we face daily.

In the name of fashion and equal rights, we shall abide.

Call for ‘unhappy hour’ at your local café/restaurant.

Taking a different approach to the classic “happy hour” women are encouraged to ask local cafés and restaurants to promote an ‘unhappy hour’ between 12-2pm.

During this period said café will offer a discount to women for any drinks or meals – the discount being 14.6 per cent. The same percentage as the current gender pay gap.

Arrange forums or debates on the topic of pay inequality.

Knowledge is power. The pay gap will not close on its own, and the more people who are aware of the inequalities we are still facing, the more progress we will make.

May we as women continue to fight for pay equality, and ensure our work is no longer undervalued, whether professional or domestic work.

Happy National Equal Pay Day. Here’s to red handbags and discounted food.