"It’s always hard work." David Beckham on his 19-year marriage to Victoria Beckham.

David Beckham made some surprising – though refreshingly honest – comments about his marriage to Victoria Beckham on the Sunday Project tonight.

The raw interview with Lisa Wilkinson saw the soccer great shone in a different light from how he’s usually portrayed, as he addressed the constant speculation surrounding his marriage to fashion designer Victoria.

When probed about the incessant coverage of their marriage – from whispers of affairs to rumoured separations – David said he’s learnt to turn a blind eye.


“Do you get sick of the tabloids?” Wilkinson asked.

“No, I’ve grown to kind of ignore some of the negative stuff that’s said,” David explained.

“I think if you know each other, if you know you’ve got great friends, great family behind you, the thing we have to do is protect our children.”

Despite the rumours, Posh and Becks’ almost 20-year marriage stands as one of the most solid in Hollywood, but proving that even the best marriages can be difficult from time-to-time, David hinted that it’s not always been an easy ride.

“When you’ve been married for the amount of time that we have, it’s always hard work,” he said. “It becomes a little more complicated.”

“You know your children — they want your time and they deserve your time, and difficult situations like travelling away, being away from each other you know, you make it work.”

David and Victoria – who have been married for 19 years and are parents to Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 16, Cruz, 13, and Harper, seven – were at the centre of divorce rumours earlier this year.

Just weeks ago, suspicions arose after David’s notable absence from a Vogue magazine cover shoot featuring his entire family but no dad.

Rumours of infidelity have also plagued the 43-year-old for years, with reports of affairs with multiple women dating as far back as 2004 – when he was accused of having an affair with ex-assistant Rebecca Loos while he was playing for Real Madrid in Spain.


Before the segment aired, Wilkinson shared her thoughts about the interview on Instagram, expressing her surprise at his willingness to open up about his private life.

“Charming? You bet. And completely candid about so many areas of his life I thought might be off limits,” she wrote.